Brilliance with Hits on TV Screenings, Enjoy the Lights and Shadows at Home
Film is the mirror reflecting our true life. The content of shooting originates from and reflects the life and even the way of broadcasting has also evolved with the changes in our life. Big screen is no longer the only way to enjoy films. Televisions, mobile phones...diversified electronic equipment has shortened our distance with the films, allowing more people to have the chance to enjoy the classic films or cutting-edge masterpieces.
Beijing Film Panorama this year still follows the arrangement of last year. Apart from nearly 300 films on the big screen, the TV Screenings section is also specially arranged. On September 20-30, 2021, 19 selected foreign films will be broadcast on four channels: BRTV Beijing Satellite TV, BRTV Film & TV, BRTV Life and BRTV Science & Education to cover more audiences and break the restriction of space, so that Chinese audiences can enjoy the world’s best films on TV. 
Promotional Video of TV Screenings at the 11th BJIFF 
The list of TV Screenings this year is mainly divided into two parts. One is the classic film series of comedy master Chaplin, including a total of eight feature films and three short films which cover Chaplin's whole acting career. 
Gold prospector played by Chaplin in the film The Gold Rush
Some are well-known works such as City Lights, The Gold Rush, Modern Times and Monsieur Verdoux and some are the masterpieces in the film history such as The Kid, The Circus, Limelight, A King in New York, including three uncommon classic short films A Dog’s Life, Shoulder Arms, The Pilgrim. With laughter in tears, they will present the joys and sorrows of all kinds of grassroots to the audience.
A factory worker played by Chaplin in the film Modern Times
The other part of the screening list includes some new works by directors in many countries in past years. They examine the present from different perspectives and think about life, trying to convey their own understanding of the world through films. 
For example, Our Last Tango and Helena demonstrate the moving and intertwined love with art; Coming Through The Rye the Rye and Waterboys display the search for self and the meaning of life.
Stage Photo of Film Helena
Little Men and Love Sarah focus on the relatives and friends as well as family changes, while A Tuscan Heaven and Aiuta: My Promise to Nakuhito focus on the youth and growth as well as the chase of dreams. From all the wonderful and moving stories, the audience can look into the world and enjoy the taste of life.
Dreamcatcher trio for love in the film Aiuta: My Promise to Nakuhito
The list of TV Screenings this year tries to collect the films featured multi-country, multi-style, multi-genre and multi-experience, so as to cover the audiences of all ages and be enjoyed by the whole family together, leaving an unforgettable memory about lights and shadows in this autumn.
As an event benefiting the people at the 11th BJIFF, the TV Screenings will bring the films closer to the audience. During the 11-day TV Screenings, the BJIFF will refer to the years of screening experience, select 19 excellent films in the world to be broadcast on TV, enable the audiences loving films to “enjoy the BJIFF at home”, so as to achieve the whole-people participation from multiple dimensions, and more people can get in touch with films, know flims and feel the charm of lights and shadows.
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