The 12th BJIFF Film Collection for Beijing Market Screenings and Guests/Buyers Registration Fully Launched

At the 11th BJIFF, 223 exhibitors and hundreds of guests/buyers from all over the world, 33 pitching projects, 5 new directors of BJIFF Talents, 18 outstanding market screening films and multiple events were held at the Online Beijing Film Market to highlight the tenacious vitality of Chinese film industry through  six major sections: Exhibition, Project Pitches, Industry Conversations, Events & Activities, Events, Market Screening and Contract Signing Ceremony. 

——————    Market Screenings Collection ——————

At the 11th BJIFF Market Screening, a total of 18 unreleased films including the types of suspension, feature and fantasy were collected for the screening. In the situation of strict COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control, many film and television companies as well as media were still attracted for the screenings. The producers of 4 Chinese films were present to have meet-and-greet with the industry insiders watching the films on the site. Many films received wide attentions after the screening to have further communication and cooperation with domestic filmmakers. 

Unlike the industrial screenings of traditional international film festivals, the Beijing Film Market screenings more focus on the discovery of outstanding films. The registered films will not be screened for the industry insiders until they have been carefully selected by the organizing committee. The market screenings this year still followed the principle of high-quality films to bring more excellent and commercial films to the film market, so as to promote more possibilities for cooperation. 
The conditions as below should be followed to apply for market screenings: 
1. The preliminary film production should be completed at least after June 2020 with the finalized film available;
2. The length of film should be greater than 60 minutes; 
3. The film should have definite copyright with the permission of relevant copyright owners to participate in the Beijing Market Screenings. 
4. The films need cooperation in the aspects of copyright sales, financing, post-production, publicity and distribution. 
5. The films shortlisted for the BJIFF Awards (such as the Competition Section, Forward Future Section and Pitching Projects Section) will enjoy the priority to participate in the market screenings. 
6. The films used to have successfully participated in the Beijing Market Screenings will not be accepted in principle.
The films selected after successful registration should pay 2,000 yuan of service fee for the screenings. The exhibitors in the Beijing Film Market only need to pay 1,000 yuan of service fee for the screenings. 
Please click the following website for the registration procedures and more details: 
——————    Guest/Buyer Registration  ——————
The Beijing Film Market is an annual event in the film industry which attracts many registered guests/buyers of film and television companies for the exhibitions, projects, forums and gatherings with some new and old friends to expand more social contacts.
The Beijing Film Market at the 12th BJIFF accepts the application of all the practitioners in the global film industry and related industries. However, only the practitioners approved by the Beijing Marketing Department can apply for the participation as buyers. The buyers to be registered should present the relevant experience in the past three years for approval before the registration. The buyers who fail the application will be automatically transferred as guest registration. 
How to Apply
Those applying for the entry to the Beijing Film Market at the 12th BJIFF should visit the official website of the BJIFF: and click on “Beijing Film Market” — “Guests/Buyers Registration" at the bottom of the carousel page to make the online application. 
The online application for the Beijing Film Market starts from December 13, 2021 to March 31, 2022.
Please click on the registration link as follows for more details. 
The 12th BJIFF (2022) film collection for Beijing Market Screenings and guests/buyers registration have been launched and we are looking forward to the get-together with you.
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