Benefit for Film Fans | Premiere of Before Next Spring Staged in Beijing
The feature film, Before Next Spring, with Li Gen as director, Wang Hongwei and Zhuang Lizhen as producers, Qi Xi, Xie Chengze, Niu Chao, Qiu Tian, Song Ningfeng, and Chen Yongzhong as leading starring, Sylvia Chang as special starring, will be screened nationwide on March 11, 2022. 
As the first feature film by young director Li Gen, Before Next Spring was selected out of nearly 900 registration films and shortlisted for the Competition Section, Tiantan Award at the 11th BJIFF with its sincere expression as well as fresh and warm temperament. The film had its Asian premiere during the festival with highly comments in the industry. Just as expected by the director Li Gen and all the crew at the site of premiere, "I hope our healing film can be screen as scheduled before next spring.” Therefore, we finally met with each other at the beginning of March, a warm season with increasing temperature. 
All good things are doomed to an end and someone is always waiting at the same place for next encounter
Based on the director's real-life experience, the film tells the story of exchange student Li Xiaoli (played by Xie Chengze), who goes to Japan to study in the remote Fuchinobe in Tokyo for a year. Xiao Li, who is very clumsy, wants to find a job to support himself but repeatedly suffers from failures. Finally, with the help of the alumnus Qiu Qiu (played by Qiu Tian), he finally finds a job in a restaurant, where the acting manager Guan Wei (played by Qi Xi) decides to take care of him. However, the clerk Qingmu (played by Niu Chao) regards him as his love rival, the master chef Lao Wan (played by Chen Yongzhong) and the young chef Song Ge (played by Song Ningfeng) almost ignore him… His arrival breaks the silence of the small restaurant and gets involved in everyone's life. At the end of the one-year overseas study, the complex emotions such as the "restricted affection, temporary friendship and similar love" before the departure are just the emotional core to be explored in this film. 
With Lineup of Famous Stars, BJIFF Grandly Launches the Premiere  
The film Before Next Spring, produced by Xiangxiang Entertainment Culture Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Huace Media (Tianjin), Chengneng Film and Television Production (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Xiamen Ink Stone Technology Co., Ltd., Risen Productions Co. Ltd., I-Movie Films, Huace Media (Hong Kong), Shanghai Tao piaopiao Movie & TV Culture Co., Ltd., and jointly produced by Maoyan Entertainment, Beijing Free Whale Film Co., Ltd., Xiamen Dazhou Media and Beijing Weimeng Chuangke Technology Co., Ltd., is directed by young director Li Gen, produced by Wang Hongwei and Zhuang Lizhen, starring by Qi Xi, Xie Chengze, Niu Chao, Qiu Tian, Song Ningfeng and Chen Yongzhong, specially starring by Sylvia Chang. 
The benefit event will provide the fans with 10 free tickets for the premiere in Beijing and the deadline for the registration is 12:00 on March 3, 2022. The organizing committee will randomly draw out 10 fans out of all the registrations as the lucky ones. The premiere will be held at Emperor Cinemas (Emperor Group Center) at 17:40 on March 6, 2022. 
To sign up for the event: browse Benefit for Film Fans | Premiere of Before Next Spring Staged in Beijing at the homepage of BJIFF’s official APP → fill in and submit the "Registration Form" → wait for notification. Please scan the following QR codes to download and install the BJIFF’s official APP.
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