Beijing Film Market | Need More Traffic? Here are the Tips for You!
The Beijing Film Market for the12th Beijing International Film Festival is slated for August 16-18, 2022. With the commencement of the registration for Events & Activities, we welcome all the film business, institutions and related enterprises to join us through the official website of the BJIFF.
It has been a schedule set in stone to participate in the Events & Activities each year since special events were organized with official recognition and a high sense of achievement and belonging was given to participants. 
An integration of various sectors is the “Solution of the BJIFF” provided for film businesses and institutions all over the world. The Organizer of the Events & Activities provides quality services from all aspects like venue, facilities, brand authorization and promotion channels, and launches various activities like promotion salons, cocktail parties, and seminars, with an aim to boost the exchange of film-based industries, promotion of new businesses and technologies as well as integration of different sectors. 
Boundless communication for a shared future! The participants to the Events & Activities from the whole industry chain bring us unlimited energies and inspirations for guests to express valuable ideas and “powerful quotes”. At the “5th International Film IP Licensing and Derivative Industry Development Forum” of the 11th BJIFF, we organized several brainstorming sessions and experience sharing workshops themed on copyright protection. The new ideas, new thoughts and new achievements offered by industry experts beacon the way forward for the film IP licensing and derivative industry. 
In face of new opportunities and challenges, the film industry in China has to try harder to make achievements in filmmaking, filmmaker cultivation, cinema building, technological innovation, IP derivatives and works export. We kindly invite you to the Events & Activities of the 12th BJIFF for sharing your understandings on the opportunities and challenges towards a prosperous future. 

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