Film Carnival

  Time: April 14 to May 1, 2019

  Location: State Production Base of China Film Group, Beijing

  Opened from April 14 to May 1, 2019 (closed on April 20 and April 27), the Film Carnival of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival will take place at the State Production Base of China Film Group in the city of Beijing, as in the China (Huairou) Film Industry Model District. As an integral part of the Beijing International Film Festival, the Film Carnival is one of the BIFF's seven core components primarily engaged in on-site specialty activities related to movie themes, a large-scale outdoor film-themed cultural and entertainment program for the masses, and a crucial method to augment the social impact of the Beijing International Film Festival. The hosting of the "Film Carnival" intends to integrate state-of-the-art film industrial chain with the yearning of quality life among the public, provide to the people a full-spectrum film culture festivity, promote understanding about film culture and cinema science and technology among the masses, and establish the most direct bridge connecting the movie industry with consumers. At the same time, the Carnival aims to fuel the growth of the tourism industry of Huairou, enrich the media through which film culture are embodied, bolster the establishment of spiritual civilization, and forge Yangsong Town into a unique movie town suitable for tourism, recreation and residence.

  2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Over the course of the past seven decades, the historic progress China achieved has caught the world's attention. Chinese cinema has advanced by leaps and bounds and prolifically thanks to the solid foundation of the Chinese classics of the past. This edition of the Carnival will center on the theme of "Prosperous Nation, Peaceful Home, Brilliant Huairou" in harmony with the "Home·land" theme of this year's Beijing International Film Festival. Home is the smallest country, and country is the biggest home.

  This edition of the Carnival will still take place within the territory of Yangsong Town of the China (Huairou) Film Industry Model District near Exit 15 of Jing-Cheng Highway. The Carnival will consist of six major content segments and a total of 27 activities: century-old history of films, cinema science and technology experience, folk movie scenes, film characters parade, cinema art hall of fame and movie-themed cuisines. As China's first national-level film industry model district, the China (Huairou) Film IndustryModel District is a large urban complex that incorporates public service, movie culture, tourism and recreation, headquarters economy and residence in one.

  The Carnival will take full advantage of existing resources of theState Production Base of China Film Group to harness the essences of movie culture and create a dream-seeking corridor that stays abreast of cinema. Relying on current special effects rendering technology, everyone here will be able to fulfill their fantasy of becoming a celebrity and personally experience the charms of cinema.