Recruitment of Graphic Designer
  The Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF), under the guidance of the China Film Administration, and sponsored by the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality and China Media Group, is one of the large-scale cultural activities with great international influence held in Beijing every year. In order to meet the design requirements of new media publicity materials for the 11th BJIFF, it is now proposed to recruit a graphic designer. The specific responsibilities and requirements are as follows:
  1. Job Responsibilities
  (1) Be responsible for designing posters, long pictures and other materials for new media publicity.
  (2) Be responsible for cooperating with other design teams, doing a good job in the quality control of visual materials for new media publicity and ensuring the quality of publicity materials for the BJIFF
  (3) Be responsible for the design and typesetting of the WeChat official account, get to know its operation process, and be able to optimize the typesetting of the WeChat official account.
  (4) Other tasks assigned by the Organizing Committee.
  2. Job Requirements
  (1) Graduated with a major of art and design from art colleges, no gender limit, keep in good health. At least three years of working experience in related industries, able to skillfully use relevant design software such as coreldraw, photoshop, and illustrator, with solid artistic skills, sensitive to color, composition and other elements, and able to design new media materials that conform to the style and positioning of the BJIFF.
  (2) Be able to independently complete the design of new media posters, long pictures, WeChat official account covers, and others. Those with working experience in the film and advertising industries are preferred.
  (3) Excellent design taste and vision, good personal quality and working attitude, outstanding creativity, strong innovation ability, and able to quickly produce high-quality visual materials.
  (4) Entry time: from now until the end of April 2021.
  3. Application Time
  December 20, 2020 to January 10, 2021.
  4. Salary
  5. Consultation Telephone
  6. How to Apply
  For eligible candidates, please send resumes and design works to the following email address before January
  Notice is hereby given.
Organizing Committee Office of the Beijing International Film Festival
December 2020
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