New Year Gift! Police Story Trilogy Series for Reliving the Spectacular Years of Action Films in Hong Kong
  2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the renowned kung fu superstar Jackie Chan’s entry in the film industry. For the past half-century, he has combined kung fu with various elements such as adventure and comedy to create a classic style of action comedy films, thus forming the famed brand of "Jackie Chan Film" and attracting global audiences.
  At the beginning of the new year, the "Winter Special Screening" of the Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) will bring the Police Story Trilogy Series of Jackie Chan back to cinemas. By doing so, film fans can relive the spectacular years of action films in Hong Kong and the classic figure of Chan Ka-Kui to experience the enthusiastic patriotism once again in the cold winter.
  The birth of classics
  Police Story 1985

  The Police Story released in 1985 created a new career peak for Jackie Chan.
  In the film, Chan Ka-Kui played by him is dauntless to fight tooth and nail. The scene where he drives down the hillside at the beginning of the film, the one where he glides down the pole in the shopping mall at the end, and other scenes were all completed by Jackie Chan himself, which are extremely impressive.
  At the same time, he is also simple and lovely, and innocent as a child in terms of love. On the one hand, he has a girlfriend May, starred by Maggie Cheung. On the other hand, he also has intimate relationship with Salina Fong, starred by Brigitte Lin. His embarrassment in front of two women is contrary to his sophisticated performance in handling the cases, which is fun for audience.
  Since its release, the film has been very popular among and widely recognized by filmgoers all over the world. Some even regard it as Jackie Chan's best work in his career. There is no doubt that it is a classic work of Jackie Chan, among Hong Kong films, and even in the Chinese film industry.
  Wonderful sequel
  Police Story II 1988

  After the success of the precedent, Jackie Chan emerged in screen with its sequel. In the second of the trilogy, Chan Ka-Kui’s adversary remains Chu Tao in the Police Story, who is good at taking advantage of legal loopholes to put Chan Ka-Kui and his family in jeopardy.
  It features scores of highlighted high-risk scenes which were all completed by Jackie Chan, bringing the audience a visual feast. The romantic love scenes jointly presented by Maggie Cheung is full of interest, who also delivers an action part in the last storehouse fight section of the film.
  The stunt design of Jackie Chan’s squad was the pink of perfection, where everything in the film such as amusement facilities in the park and the tables and chairs in the restaurant can be used for stunt. The slick actions are palatable and agreeable.
  Linkage of Hong Kong and Mainland
  Police Story 3: Super Cop 1992

  The last of the trilogy is a very special one in the whole series, in which Chan Ka-Kui goes to the mainland for investigation, turning from a small hero in Hong Kong to a “super cop” well known across China.
  Influenced by Hong Kong's return, a slew of related films debuted in the Hong Kong’s film industry at that time, expressing people’s longing and expectation for the return. In this film, we can see the unity and cooperation between the peoples in Hong Kong and the mainland and their confidence in building a society ruled by law.
  The resourceful mainland police officer played by Michelle Yeoh is also the defender of the people as Ka-Kui. They team up to inhibit crime and arrest criminals. The galloping train at the end of the film is a figurative scene to epitomize the concerted efforts of Hong Kong and the mainland to head for a better future.
  "Winter Special Screening" Police Story Trilogy Series 
    Ticketing Time: 12:00, January 5, 2021
    (Sorry for inconvenience if there is any delay due to various platforms)
    Ticketing Platforms: Taopiaopiao, Maoyan
    Cinema Address:
    China Film Archive Art Cinema (Archive)
    No.3 Wenhuiyuan Road, Haidian District
    New Colourful Clouds Cinema (New Colourful Clouds)
    1F, China Central Newsreel and Documentary Film Studio (Group), west side of Beitaipingqiao, Haidian District
    Shenying International Cinema, Xueyuannanlu (Shenying)
    3F, Wawo Life Square, No.50 Xueyuan South Road, Haidian District

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