A Prospective Outlook on Film Industry: Welcome to Young Filmmakers Forum
  A gathering of film stories 
  A pool of cutting-edge ideas 
  A land of film cultures 
Beijing International Film Festival · Young Filmmakers Forum of the 28th Beijing College Student Film Festival is about to take place at Beijing Radio & Television Station on September 26, 2021. The forum brings together outstanding young filmmakers and focuses on hot issues in the industry and cutting-edge ideas. You are invited join them to discuss the industrial consciousness and major concepts of Chinese films in the new era, and appreciate the passion and cham the new generations of Chinese filmmakers.
Build A Stage for Young Filmmakers to Free Passion and Love 
Adhering to the tenet of "Passion, Academic Sense and Cultural Awareness" of the Beijing College Student Film Festival, the forum focuses on the efforts of young filmmakers and the and industry ecology, and concerns about the new generation on new creation style development and personal expression while carrying the filmmaking traditions. The forum aims to explore Chinese stories from the perspective of the youth and show their passion through dialogues. 
Listen to the Voices of the Young Filmmakers on Cutting-Edge Issues 
The industrial consciousness and mainstream expression in Chinese film creation in the new era are highly concerned by the industry and academia. We invite young directors Qiu Sheng, Zhao Tianyu, Yi Han and Liu Zhihai, young producers Qian Zhongyuan and Xie Lingyu, young screenwriter Ran Jia’nan and other first-line young filmmakers to share their latest views and ideas for the industry, academia and the public, and talk about the future of Chinese films in the new era with their “young” voices. 
Co-hosted by Organizing Committee of the Beijing International Film Festival and Beijing Normal University and themed on “Industrial Consciousness and Mainstream Expression”, the forum focuses on the pioneering ideas and perspectives of young filmmaker, and demonstrates their thinking on industry development and participation in filmmaking with passion and love. 
Beijing International Film Festival · Young Filmmakers Forum on “Industrial Consciousness and Mainstream Expression” of the 28th Beijing College Student Film Festival is here waiting for you! 
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