Beyond the Skies Writing Chinese Story with Unique Style Becomes Biggest Dark Horse in This Year's Tiantan Award
At the Closing Ceremony of the 11th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) on September 29, the winner list of the Competition Section, Tiantan Award rolled out. Beyond the Skies, a low-budget war film, grabbed three awards: Best Feature Film, Best Actor (all actors) and Best Cinematography, to become the biggest dark horse in this year's Tiantan Award, as well as another Chinese language film winning the Tiantan Award for the Best Feature Film after 1942.
As a unique war film, Beyond the Skies renovated the conventional expression techniques of war films by non-professional actors, full real-time shooting and ingenious decolorization, to create an oppressive and fierce war atmosphere within a limited length. In a relatively mature market, this film seems strange but fresh. The Tiantan Award for Best Feature Film is not only an encouragement to this film, but also a backing and invitation to Chinese filmmakers devoted to making diversified films.
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