Inspirational Comedy Film Chhichhore by Director of Wrestling Competition! to Be Screened after New Year’s Day
The film Chhichhore by Nitesh Tiwari, the director of Wrestling Competition! will be screened nationwide on January 7, 2022.
In the finalized trailer, Raghav, a high school student, cannot accept his failure in the college entrance examination, so he chooses to commit suicide. In order to ignite his hope of survival, Ani, the father, calls on asks all his former “loser” friends to recall the passionate counterattacking experience with him. It’s reported that the film  Chhichhore was rated by the media as the “Best Film in India in 2019" and the well-known film critic Sir of dsmovie also commented, "this film has stunned the world once again!"
Finalized Poster of Chhichhore
In the finalized poster of the film Chhichhore, a group of seemingly "unreliable" young people correspond to their appearance after growing up one by one. In the finalized trailer, in order to help his son regain his confidence, Ani, the father, tells his own story with five “loser” friends of different personalities to win the league championship. In the film, he says “although I don’t know the final result, I can accept failure” reflects his concept of “failure education” for his son. The film is directed by Nitesh Tiwari, the director of Wrestling Competition! which set the highest box office record of Indian films with 1.299 billion yuan in Chinese mainland, winning the super high reputations such as 8.4 points at IMDb, 9.8 points at Maoyan, 9.0 points at Douban and No. 37 of Douban Top 250 Films. It’s also known as the phenomenal masterpiece in 2017. About five years later, the film Chhichhore by Nitesh Tiwari continues the inspirational core of Wrestling Competition! and it’s called by the media as another inspirational comedy of Indian films after the film Three Idiots.  
  Trailer of Chhichhore
When the film Chhichhore was screened in India, it achieved a good box office with a high reputation of 8.3 points at IMDb. It was called the "Best Indian Film in 2019" by the media due to the high box office and reputation. In China, it was initially scored 8.2 points at Douban and now it has been spontaneously recommended by many film critics with a good reputation of 7.2 points so far. Some netizens exclaimed “it’s the high quality product by the director of Wrestling Competition!, just enjoy it!”. The well-known film critic Sir of dsmovie even commented, "the new sequel is even more attractive! It has stunned the world once again!"
The director of Wrestling Competition! has produced the "Best Film of the Year" once again. The film Chhichhore will be screen nationwide on January 7, 2022. Please stay tuned and never miss it! 
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