Liaison & Reception Department | Just waiting for you

  It is 3:00 PM in Beijing now. At the International Arrival of Terminal T3, Beijing Capital International Airport, there are two young people in the crowd, waiting for the flight from Singapore, with colored certificates hanging on their chests and signs bearing names on their hands.

  While turning around and showing the words on the back of the dresses, they turn out to be our volunteers from the Liaison & Reception Department of Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF), waiting for the our - Mr. Kishor Jawade, the CEO of the India China Film Society, and his team.

  The increasingly international BJIFF, as a high-quality international exchange platform for film industry personnel from various countries, has attracted an increasing number of film talents and industry representatives worldwide for cooperation and exchange. During this period, we are will guarantee the basic life necessities and smooth communication for them. 

  Most of the volunteers in the Liaison & Reception Department are experienced translators/interpretors with language-learning background in the college. In the Liaison & Reception Department of the BJIFF this year, there are volunteers who master English, Russian and Spanish, etc. Xiao Xiao, who is responsible for the airport pickup this time, is a Hindi major student, as well as the first staff that Mr. Kishor and his team contacted during the visit.

  At 3:30 PM, the flight arrived at the Beijing Capital International Airport on time, afterwards, Mr. Kishor and his team met our volunteers, got on the shuttle bus to the city after warm & friendly communication, during which they talked about the BJIFF, Beijing’s culture, food and so on...

  In the sinking sun, the bus was running fast in the airport expressway. Because of movie, the city comes into focus of the world.

  International guests and industry representatives would show up in most of the events of BJIFF. As escort interpreters and reception staff, the volunteers from the Liaison & Reception Department, especially the one-on-one escorts needed to independently take charge of various issues, which demands proficient language skills and the ability to make immediate responses.

  In addition, as the foreign guests need whole-process service during their stay, our volunteers should fully & meticulously complete their job.

  At 5:30 PM, accompanied by two volunteers, Mr. Kishor and his team successfully arrived at the Beijing International Hotel. After the work handover, the two volunteers fulfilled their tasks for today.

  In the BJIFF, these staff in the Liaison & Reception Department played a key role by fully executing the high standards & hospitality, and guaranteeing the successful communication among the guests.

  From the airport pickup to the participation in the BJIFF, the guests enjoyed our thoughtful services. I’m firmly convinced that, when leaving this city, they would definitely miss the wonderful memories created by these lovely and passionate volunteers.