The 11th Beijing International Film Festival Science & Technology Section Call for Enrollment
  The 11th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) will be held in Beijing as expects, Science & Technology Section will also meet with fans again. As the host unit of Beijing International Film Festival, the Science & Technology Section warmly invites you to recommend excellent special-effect films to show in this spring.
  Under the principle of “Share the Screen, Shape the Future”, the festival gathers film resources from all over the world to enhance the international exchange and cooperation of the film industry. As one of the big events of BJIFF, the Science & Technology Section jointly organized by China Science and Technology Museum and the Professional Committee for Science Popularization Venues and Special-Effect Theaters of Chinese Association of Natural Science Museums, based on the dome films, giant screen films, 4D films, documentaries and science fiction films, collecting with film panorama, science popularization activities, excellent works selection, exhibition and exchanges, and academic forum. This event focusing on the roles of films in promoting the popularization of science and technology, aims to give the public an excellent experience of science films. By builds up a platform for exchanges in the science film industry, promotes the development and integration of science films and science popular education, and enhance the quality and efficiency of science films. This international platform has promoted the trade and corporation through exhibition and communication. Each year, a number of outstanding films have emerged here and showed in CSTM and many other science popularization venues.
  In 2020, China Film Administration and China Association for Science and Technology issued “Several Opinions on Promoting the Development of Science Fiction Films”, which proposed to make science fiction films an important growth point and a new driving force for the high-quality development of films, and encouraged the establishment of a national science fiction film screening alliance. In order to encourage and promote the development of science fiction film and promote the exchange of science fiction industry, China Science and Technology Museum, as the initiate unit of the alliance, will take the "Science and Technology" section of Beijing International Film Festival as the platform to build a science fiction film exchange and sharing platform through exhibition, forum and other activities. Thus, the Science & Technology Section of The 11th Beijing International Film Festival will add a new science fiction film exhibition on the basis of the past, gathering domestic and foreign special effects films, popular science documentaries and science fiction films. The films will be shown in China Science and Technology Museum from April to May 2021 (the specific time is determined according to the time of Beijing International Film Festival). Experts from science and technology film industry, representatives from national institution venues and film industry will be invited to gather together to discuss the future of science and technology film industry. We hereby sincerely invite you to participate in this festival with excellent films.
  The enrollment ends on March 14th, 2021. Please see attachments for more details. This film festival may be adjusted to online film exhibition according to the COVID-19 epidemic prevention control. In case of any questions, please feel free to contact us.
  Contact Information:
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