Start 2021 with A Short Film! Recruitment of the 1st Project Pitches Training of the Beijing International Film Festival Beijing Film Market Launched!
The year of 2021 marks the start of the second decade of the Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF). The Beijing Film Market is always a champion of serving projects wholeheartedly, discovering talents, and accompanying outstanding Chinese projects from creation to screening. Film is full of a cornucopia of profound experience. Completing one film, and making it seen and liked are indescribable exultation, while its process is even hard-won experience.
With the rapid development of the film industry in China, the reserve force of young filmmakers has witnessed well-designed career development to supersede wild growth. The Beijing Film Market, after a decade’s efforts, set up a brand-new section “Project Pitches Training” focusing on the incubation of filmmakers. On the basis of supporting financing negotiations for projects of the Project Pitches, it will enable young filmmakers to be fully prepared for the opportunities and challenges head-on through hands-on teaching and short film training.
The Project Pitches Training is a Chinese short film training program organized by the Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) Beijing Film Market to further cultivate young filmmakers with both creative talent and production ability. It aims to foster creators’ ability to complete a short film with a specified theme within a time limit through targeted text creation, shooting and post-production guidance, thus creating a career starting point for young film creation talents, accelerating their path into the industry, and broadening their vision. The training, with a mentor rotation system, will invite outstanding filmmakers from Chinese-speaking regions to serve as mentors to conduct face-to-face communication and guidance with selected participants and share experience. With the help of the mentor's face-to-face guidance and high-quality industry resources, the complete production practice of a short film from creation, preparation, shooting and post-production under specific environment can be realized. For the short films completed by the participants, special screenings and post-screening exchange activities will be held for the industry during the Beijing Film Market of the BJIFF.
Start 2021 with a short film to welcome the younger generation roaring up. The 1st Project Pitches Training will be held from January 2021 to April 2021. Recruitment for training: today to 24:00 on February 18, 2021.
Application requirements:
1.Full of enthusiasm for the creation of Chinese films and committed to taking it as future career development direction;
2.Young Chinese film creators aged between 18 and 35;
3.Complete at least one short fiction film as a director (or brand story advertisement, online film, drama, etc.), but have not yet produced a cinema feature film;
4.Need to participate in the training all the way.
How to Participate::
Please download General Rules for the 1st Project Pitches Training of the Beijing International Film Festival Beijing Film Market and Application Form from the official website of the BJIFF.
1.The General Rules is accompanied by a receipt of approval. Please submit the General Rules with approved receipt, together with the Application Form and links to your previous works to the application mailbox of the training:;
2.Your previous short films are required to be produced in Chinese. If not, Chinese subtitles are required. The resolution of the short film shall be 1920*1080, with the format of MP4 or MOV;
3.Previous works can be submitted through a link to the Internet disk or mailed by a mobile storage device to the designated address.
4.Please fill in the Application Form in Chinese;
5.No application fees will be charged for this year’s training.
To download General Rules, please visit the official website of the BJIFF:
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For further questions, please contact:
Beijing International Film Festival Beijing Film Marketing Department
TEL:+86 13161427506  +86 18500377391