The Final-round Project Pitches Held Successfully with Awards to be Announced soon
Collection activities for the 11th BJIFF Beijing Film Market Project Pitches have been conducted since the end of December 2020. After more than nine months of first-round review, second-round review and training, 17 projects have been selected for the event. Young filmmakers are eagerly waiting for this moment to display their talent for the first time during the Project Pitching of this BJIFF, which was finally launched at Beijing Radio & Television Station (BRTV) on September 23. 
Scene of the final-round of BJIFF Beijing Film Market Project Pitches
Cao Baoping, Jury President of the 11th BJIFF Beijing Film Market Project Pitches, and the two final-round jury members -- Yu Baimei, prestigious executive producer, director and writer, and Zhao Fang (Gillian Zhao), President of Warner Bros. China, gave a thoughtful review of the 17 road show projects. These projects are diverse in genre, including comedy, mystery, drama, fantasy, animation and many other outstanding projects that are both commercial and artistic. 
On the day of the event, members of the Beijing Film Market Advisory Board of the BJIFF were presented at the final-round Project Pitching scene, including Zhang Haiyan, Chairman of the Beijing Film Market Advisory Board, Director and General Manager of China  Film South Cinema Circuit Co., Ltd., Chairman and General Manager of Zhujiang Film & Media Corporation Limited, Cai Min, Executive Chairman of the Beijing Film Market Advisory Board, Executive Deputy General Manager of Beijing Cultural Investment Holdings Co., and Chairman and General Manager of Sparkle Roll Media, and Tang Bohui, General Manager of Poly Film Production and Distribution Center.
To enhance the full exchange and interaction between young creators and industrial resources, this Project Pitches specially set up a “Market Decision-making Panel” made up of 20 representatives from the industry's leading film and television production and publicity companies to comprehensively review the 17 projects in terms of film creation, market executability and commercial potential from the perspective of industry, and select the film project with the most investment potential and market possibility was selected from the 17 projects which were shortlisted for final evaluation. Who will win the “Most Marketable Award”? Please stay tuned on the Night of Victory and Award Ceremony of Project Pitches at the 11th BJIFF on September 24 for the answer. 
Cui Yan, Director of the BJIFF Operation Center of Beijing Radio & Television Station, attended the Project Pitches activity and delivered a speech. He said that during the nine-month project evaluation and training process, the young filmmakers remained enthusiastic and original, showing the dedication and spirit of struggle of emerging forces. The Project Pitches of the BJIFF will also continue to explore new works for better continuation and inheritance of Chinese films.
During the one-day final round road show, Cao Baoping, Jury President of the 11th BJIFF Beijing Film Market Project Pitches, and the other two Jury members - Yu Baimei and Zhao Fang (Gillian Zhao)- had an in-depth exchange on the specific progress of all aspects of the project. Three jury members proposed strict requirements for “industry, market and audience-oriented” projects and young filmmakers from their own perspective. Their professional, candid and pertinent comments became the highlights of the event. 
From the perspective of creation, final-round jury member Yu Baimei emphasized that every film should focus on its core story and theme expression.
Final-round jury member Yu Baimei
Final-round jury member Zhao Fang (Gillian Zhao) said it was the heartfelt story and details that moved the audience, while the original purpose of the creation shall be kept in mind.
Final-round jury member Zhao Fang (Gillian Zhao)
Cao Baoping, Jury President of the 11th BJIFF Beijing Film Market Project Pitches, gave excellent guidance from the positioning of the film genre to the exquisite depiction of the relationship between characters and the uniqueness of creation.
Cao Baoping, Jury President of 11th BJIFF Beijing Film Market Project Pitches
The year 2021 marks the tenth edition of the Project Pitches of the BJIFF. The event keeps encouraging and supporting talented young filmmakers’ pursuit of dreams, and bringing in new blood into Chinese films.
The 11th Beijing International Film Festival highlights the feature of "Online BJIFF" with both online and offline interactions available. All the projects shortlisted for the final -round pitching, together with the other 14 projects shortlisted for negotiation, will be subjected to online negotiation on the Online BJIFF of the official website of the Beijing International Film Festival from September 23 to 25.
Representative of the project Sunny Days
Representative of the project introduces the project
Representative of the project Chivalrous women's Office