BJIFF TALENTS - General Counsel and Artistic Advisors Released!
The inheritance and innovation of generations of filmmakers have contributed to the long-lasting life of Chinese language films. BJIFF TALENTS, a training project, was born out of our hope to build a solid platform for close contact between the seniors and rising stars in the film industry, communication of inspiration, and support for film creation. 
The first BJIFF TALENTS in 2011 had a great influence in the industry for its rigorous implementation and meticulous operation, and four young directors and their short films were highly spoken of. 
In 2022, BJIFF TALENTS will set a new sail on the basis of the principle of “supporting young filmmakers and cultivating young Chinese film talents” for the first edition. Well-known directors, actors, screenwriters, photographers, art directors and other industry experts constituted an authoritative and professional team that provided young filmmakers with a greater vision to the future, expecting to find and foster outstanding creative filmmakers for the good of China’s film industry. 
In order to provide the opportunity to learn, grow and communicate for more talented directors, the registration deadline for this event will be extended to February 10, 2022. 
We plant seeds and expect a harvest season. The first experts joining the BEIJING TALENTS are General Counsel La Peikang, Artistic Advisor (Performance) Hao Lei and Artistic Advisor (Theme Creation) Yao Haijun. 
General Counsel-La Peikang
Mr. La Peikang serves the General Counsel of the BJIFF TALENTS this year. 
La Peikang, currently the Vice Chairman of China Film Association and Visiting Professor of Beijing Film Academy, once served as the Chairman of China Film Co., Ltd., and participated in the formulation of the relevant procedures and regulations for the introduction of Hollywood revenue-sharing blockbusters in China’s film market, which brings him plentiful practical experiences. 
During his tenure, China Film Co., Ltd. got listed with the biggest IPO in the industry, and successively produced various films such as Wolf Totem, The Mermaid and The Founding of an Army. In 2014, La Peikang decided to invest in the Wandering Earth for its great potential, and the film recorded a great success. 
He encouraged young filmmakers to "get in love with films with heart", which is the tenet he has been following. As a veteran in the battle field of film, La Peikang will bring precious experience and valuable suggestions with the most market value to the young filmmakers of BJIFF TALENTS. 
Artistic Advisor - Hao Lei
Guo Jianbo, who is forbearing in Spring Tide, holds the cactus with bare hands, showing us the delicate feeling and expression that "the thorn can't be pulled out, and it will hurt for ever". Hao Lei said that a good performance is not "an artificial act" but an appropriate manifestation of emotions. 
The outstanding performance has won Hao Lei a place on the international stage. Her starring film Mystery was shortlisted in the In Competition Section of the Festival de Cannes, while Empire of Silver, Cry Me a River, Dearest and Spring Tide were screened at Berlin International Film Festival, Venice International Film Festival and Shanghai International Film Festival. Hao Lei was also invited to serve as a judge of the competition section of several international film festivals. 
Since her debut, Hao Lei has been working on different art fields, such as film, television, stage play, music and contemporary art as she is willing to try anything for inward exploration and outward expression. 
She is a "goddess of literature and art" for her fans and a "sharp judge" for young filmmakers. This year, she will be an Artistic Advisor at the BJIFF TALENTS 2022. She will escort the young filmmakers of BJIFF TALENTS in the performance field where she is best at. 
Artistic Advisor - Yao Haijun
The trilogy The Three-Body Problem has been published in 19 languages worldwide with sales volume exceeding 21 million copies, which indicates that Chinese science fiction has entered the era of best-sellers. Yao Haijun is praised by Liu Cixin as "Campbell of China". 
Currently the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Science Fiction World, he has been serving the field of science fictions for over two decades. In 2002, Yao Haijun started the planning of a writer's album and sci-fi series "Vision Project", which brought glories to the well-known sci-fi stars like Liu Cixin, Han Song, Wang Jinkang, Xing He, He Xi and Liu Wenyang with a profusion of excellent original works. 
Speaking of sci-fi films and TV dramas, he once said: "Film art may be the best expression of science fiction, since it can carry the scenes that need a lot of words to depict with intuitive pictures.”
Next, the Artistic Advisor Yao Haijun, as an expert who knows best about Chinese science fiction and the science fiction literature for fans, will give young filmmakers the most practical suggestions under the theme “Beijing · Future". 
More artistic advisors, supervisors, producers as well as the chief producer of this year’s BJIFF TALENTS will meet you later. 
The BJIFF TALENTS 2022 is expecting those with dreams and ambitions. 
Welcome to follow and join us!
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