High-profile Filmmakers to Join! Executive producers for BJIFF TALENTS 2022 Official Revealed!
Beijing is an ancient and modern city full of stories and emotions, where the people from all over the world are melted together to interpret the spectrum of life experiences.
Everyone living in Beijing must have a lot to say about Beijing. The BJIFF TALENTS 2022 will be themed with “Beijing · Future” based on the city to write current stories and thoughts with videos and images. 
Everyone living in Beijing must have a lot to say about Beijing. The BJIFF TALENTS 2022 will be themed with “Beijing · Future” based on the city to write current stories and thoughts with videos and images. 
To provide the new young creators with "guidance" and “mainstay”, the BJIFF TALENTS will specially invite four high-profile directors with rich creative experience in practice to serve as the executive producers. 
The four executive producers include Dong Yue, the director of The Storm Looming, Ren Pengyuan, the director of A or B, Zhou Ziyang, the director of Old Beast and Wu Hai, Xiao Yang, the director of The Ark of Mr. Chow and Hanson and the Beast. They will participate in the whole process from the script creation to post-processing to help the young creators complete a standard industrialized film creation.
Meanwhile, the BJIFF TALENTS will invite a master filmmaker to serve as the chief executive producer. What will he bring to the creators of the BJIFF TAENTS? Let’s wait and see.

Director Dong Yue
With regard to the filmmaking, the experience of senior executive producers is worthy of practical reference for the young directors. 
In 2006, Dong Yue graduated from the Beijing Film Academy as a rookie filmmaker. With two years of experience on advertisement video shooting, he wrote the script for The Storm Looming and acquired funds through Project Pitches to start shooting in 2015. 
Two years later, The Storm Looming won many awards at home and abroad, such as the Award for Best Artistic Contribution at the 30th Tokyo International Film Festival and the Award for Best New Director at the 12th Asian Film Awards.
Dong Yue is particularly sensitive to the text creation with the elegance and quietness as a literati. The script is regarded as the foundation of film creation. The literariness and textual artistry of his works are his greatest characteristics, so he will surely provide great assistance to the new creators in this regard.
Director Zhou Ziyang
Being different from Dong Yue, director Zhou Ziyang is a typical director without professional training. He majored in art and design and entered the film industry with his short films by chance. In 2013, he started to write the script of Old Beast and won the Script Development Fund issued by Ali Films Plan A through Project Pitches in 2016, officially starting his career as a film director. 
Zhou Ziyang a very talented director and his films have both think-provoking stories and full substantial characters. In 2017, he won the Asian Future Award — Special Award at the 30th Tokyo International Film Festival, the Award for Best Young Director at the 9th China Film Director's Guild Awards, which made him stand out from many young directors. In 2021, his second film Wu Hai was released, which aroused heated discussions in the filmmaking industry once again. 
The films directed by Zhou Ziyang own unique perspectives with clear attitude as well as fierceness and vigor. He focuses on the reality and prefers to interpret the intricate human relations and emotions. In his works, the literature and reality collide with each other to exude the delicate humanism and social concerns.
A film aims to express the director's own ideas in a visual manner. How to find what the director wants to say most and how to express in a more proper way are the inevitable challenges for the young creators. As an executive producer, his rich creative experience will definitely help the new directors solve doubts and find right directions. 
Director Ren Pengyuan
As a form of art with both commercial and artistic features, film has always tried to achieve a level of balance. Considering the budget, many directors prefer to start the first literary and artistic creations at lower costs. However, there is no absolute boundary between the commercial and artistic features and the mutual reference may sometimes achieve the win-win effect. 
Director Ren Pengyuan used to study films overseas, so it’s easier for him to prefer a more standard and stricter industrial production process. His debut, A or B, was a commercial film with good comments, and the box office of 360 million yuan in that year broke the record for suspense films in China.  
It’s a big challenge and training for Ren Pengyuan to shoot the film A or B. Moreover, the in-depth cooperation with Xu Zheng, a senior filmmaker in the industry, was also a rare opportunity for him so as to accumulate rich experience in both script creation and director-related issues. 
As an “experienced person" in commercial film creation, Ren Pengyuan has profound insight in the audio-visual style and story logic of commercial films. He will help new directors better understand film production more comprehensively with this regard, so that they can meet with all the possible challenges in a more active way with good preparations.

Director Ren Pengyuan
Director is regarded as an all-round professional and many directors used to start in other industries and get involved in the director career after a long period of learning and training.
In 2008, Xiao Yang got his fame through the editing of the trailer of The Equation of Love and Death. He was acquainted with the director Chen Guofu and obtained the opportunity to edit his first feature film If You Are the One.   
In 2009, the spy film The Message achieved great success, which made more filmmakers in the industry get to know Xiao Yang for the first time and enable him with more film festival awards. After that, the famous directors of Kora, Painted Skin 2 and American Dreams in China sent invitation to film editor Xiao Yang, which was the biggest affirmation by the industry. 
In 2015 and 2017, Xiao Yang independently directed the films The Ark of Mr. Chow and Hanson and the Beast to further cultivate the creation of commercial films and show his talent as a director.  
Xiao Yang used to be a student in the Special Class for Gifted Young and he had the experience in short video production before becoming a film editor. Many young creators today also have the experience similar to him. The daily accumulation and cooperation with senior filmmakers enabled him a better understanding and deeper participation in the film. All his rare touching experience and excellent professional abilities will become the very precious model and benchmark for the trainees of the BJIFF TALENTS. 
The newcomers in the film industry often have to confront with confusions and deficiencies in all aspects. The 2022 BJIFF TALENTS will invite the creative team in the frontline to provide professional guidance and cultivate great potentials for the young creators so that they can find the more suitable directions and types of their own. A promising future ahead in the lights and shadows. The 2022 BJIFF TALENTS will light up the night sky with a glimmer of light and look forward to your participation. 
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