Recruitment of 2022 BJIFF TALENTS Wrapped Up!

Film is and has always been an art with threshold. 
Film is borne with the features like the accuracy of machinery, the quality of craftsmanship and the essence of art. To be a master of films, more professional training and practices are requisite apart from love and talent. For this purpose, the BHIFF TALENTS provides a platform for the fresh filmmakers to exert their potential. 
Upon three months of dedicated preparations, the recruitment of trainees for 2022 BJIFF TALENTS was successfully completed in March with satisfactory achievements. 333 young directors of Chinese language films at home and abroad with remarkable strength and practical experience will join us, including graduates from world-renowned film academies, young filmmakers enjoying a high reputation at domestic and foreign film festivals, and film talents from different sectors. 
For an art of professionalism, technical education may be required for young filmmakers to enter the industry. Better schools mean stricter criteria of selection, especially for the leading film academies – “One in a million” has never been overstated. The admittance to these excellent institutions represents their great talent and efforts. 
The trainees to this year’s BJFF TALENTS come from over a hundred institutions at home and abroad, such as the Central Academy of Drama, Beijing Film Academy, Shanghai Theatre Academy, People's Liberation Army Academy of Art, China Film Art Research Center, and Hong Kong Baptist University, as well as University of Television and Film Munich, London Film School, Chapman University, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, and Brock University. 
Based on several years of study on specialized courses, the trainees threw themselves in the training of “skill reinforcement + practices” at the BJIFF TALENTS, which was a test for their knowledge and a key step into the industry. Among the registered trainees, over 30% are experienced as director, screenwriter, photography director, producer, project planner, marketer and promoter, advertising director and TV variety director, as well as those from different sectors with novel perspectives and unique styles. 
As another "hard core" criterion of the film industry, the major film festivals around the world are also important for many filmmakers. To be present at the film festivals is not only an affirmation of their ability and aesthetics, but also an expectation for their own future. 
Of the applications submitted a lot were once shortlisted in or won awards at the world-famous film festivals like Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, Orizzonti of the Venice International Film Festival, NEST of the San Sebastián International Film Festival, Shanghai International Film Festival, China Film Golden Rooster Awards, Pingyao International Film Festival and FIRST International Film Festival. From the information provided by trainees, we can see their extraordinary skills and promising future. The young directors from different industries will be ready to share their ideas and build their dreams together at the BJIGG TALENTS. 
In 2022, the second BJIFF TALENTS, as a support for the promising filmmakers, will be upgraded towards its goal to "support young filmmakers and cultivate Chinese young film talents". La Peikang, a senior filmmaker, was invited as the General Counsel for the program; Hao Lei, Yao Haijun and other industry experts were Art Consultants; directors Dong Yue, Zhou Zixiang, Pengyuan Ren and Xiao Yang served as Producers for the second BJIFF TALENTS. Meanwhile, a mysterious chief producer will also join in. Let’s just wait for the miracles to be created this year! 
At the second BJFF TALENTS, twelve outstanding young directors will be selected from hundreds of applicants, and four of them will team up with producers and senior producers to make short films for two months. The finalized works will be premiered and released during the 12th Beijing International Film Festival. 
Everything strives to make its own wonders in this beautiful spring. The 2022 BJIFF TALENTS is believed to help all trainees to find their own way to get closer to their dreams. 
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