General Rules for Market Screening of the 12th Beijing International Film Festival
I. Overview
Market Screening aims to get more involved in the market demands, provide more possible solutions for the business demands in film project transactions including financing, post production, theatrical distribution and copyright sales, strengthen the connection of film industry chain, facilitate the industrial exchange and coordination to make more excellent films with market potential to be exposed in a broader market. Comparing with other screening events of BJIFF, Market Screening is solely shown to professionals in the film industry, only professionals who have Beijing Market badges could reserve seats.
II. Date
III. Qualifications
Films for market screening shall meet the following conditions: 
1.The film production has been initially completed and the full film can be available; 
2. The length of film shall be greater than 60 minutes; 
3. Copyright shall be legible with permission of relevant copyright owners to participate in the Beijing market screening. 
4. The film has business demands such as international sales, theatrical distribution, financing, post production etc.  
5. Selected films in BJIFF (“Tiantan” Awards, “Forward Future”, WIP projects in Project Pitches etc.) have the priority in Market Screening.
6. Selected films of Market Screening in the past editions could not attend in principle.
IV. Application
Companies and institutions participating in the 12th Beijing International Film Festival Market Screening shall download and fill in the entry form at the bottom of this page and send to, and you will receive a confirmation email if the form supplied successfully.  
V. Entry Instructions
1. The entry form of participating film shall be clearly filled (the application has been successfully completed only when the confirmation email is received.)
2. Entry for the market screening is free of charge and the screening fees as follows will be charged if the films are listed. 
Exhibitor   Other Film Companies
 CNY1000  CNY2000
3. Participating films shall have the potential to be screened in China as well as the commercial or artistic values.
4. The films shall be submitted in the form of online link (encrypted) or sending by post and the size shall be less than 6GB in MP4 or MOV format only.  
VI. Screening Instructions 
1. Phone or email will be sent after the confirmation of shortlist and additional materials shall be asked to submit. If any provisional withdrawal, the notification with written explanation shall be submitted at least 10 days in advance. 
2. The film will be screened physically under the premise of proper copyright protection. The film owner can decide on the screening of full film or the 30-minute/60-minute edited version. The basic information of viewers can be available during the screening and the negotiation invitation can also be issued after the screening. The main crew members can make appointments with the intended partners for online or offline negotiations. 
3. The Beijing Film Market Department will provide 2 guest certificates to the shortlisted film owners to access to all activities in the Beijing Film Market.
4. Suggest size / aspect ratio: 1920 x 1080 px / 16:9 HD
VII. Viewer Instructions
1. The viewer qualification of the 12th Beijing International Film Festival Market Screening is only available to professionals with market certificates.
2. Screening reservation can be made on the official website only after the film list and the schedule for market screening have been released. No more than two seats in every offline screening can be reserved for each company. Limited offer, first come first served. 
3. Successful reservation is assumed to have accepted the privacy terms of market screening, including but not limited to the prohibition on filming, recording and private dissemination.

VIII. Information Management
The Beijing Film Market Department will carefully handle the materials and information obtained from exhibitors, and the relevant staff will ensure the data safety lest being lost, disclosed or damaged. 
The materials and information provided by exhibitors will be used for the purposes as follows, including but not limited to:
1. Basic materials and information may be released on the e-Journal of the 12th Beijing International Film Festival Beijing Film Market, the official website and public account of the Beijing International Film Festival. 
2. Basic materials and information may be released in Beijing film market in the form of brochures; 
3. Basic materials and information may be used in the audio/video promotional materials of the Beijing International Film Festival Beijing Film Market. 
IX. Legal Statement
The Beijing International Film Festival Beijing Film Market Department has the final right to interpret all the activities of the market screening.
X. Contact Information: 
TEL: +86 18500355623
+86 (010) 8533 9545