Project Pitches Q&A
  The Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) Project Pitches has started to solicit entries. You may have some questions related to it. Here is the Q&A for you.
  Q: What is Project Pitches and what help can it bring to my project?
  A: The Project Pitches is a platform for young Chinese directors and new films to show themselves. The BJIFF Project Pitches has made continuous progress in the past decade and gradually established a project transaction market integrating "training-selection-support-negotiation-incubation-tracking-display". If you have a good script or project, please send it to the BJIFF Project Pitches to truly realize “turning stories into films!”
  Q: How is the Project Pitches jury organized and what are the most important characteristics in the selection?
  A: The jury is composed of outstanding practitioners who are active in the front line of creation and production, including senior screenwriters, directors, and producers. Professional jury member will review and score each registered project that meets the requirements. And then fair and strict review meetings will be held to ensure that the shortlisted projects are unanimously approved by the jury at all stages. In the selection process, we always insist on looking for the best talents and the best stories. Good works and talents will not be ignored in the Project Pitches.
  Q: I only have one script without any director, producer or team, can I apply for it?
  A: Of course! For feature film with a complete script for shoot, a 5,000-word synopsis of the story and a complete script are required for application. We encourage projects that have not yet completed all financing activities and have not participated in other film markets or project pitches activities to participate.
  Q: Can the same applicant register multiple projects?
  A: Yes, we have further upgraded the application system this year. Applicants can register up to 5 projects for an account. Go and add more projects quickly.
  Q: How do I know if my project has been successfully registered?  
  A: After confirming that the project information and related materials are complete and correct, the Organizing Committee will send a confirmation receipt through email. And receiving the receipt means that the project has entered the review process. If the registered project information and related materials do not meet the requirements, the Beijing Film Marketing Department of the BJIFF will contact you by mail or telephone and review the resubmitted materials.
  Q: What if I can't find the application channel of the Project Pitches on the official website?  
  A: Don't worry, the detailed guide is presented below. Please read carefully the general rules for application in Step 3. More details are shown in the general rules.
  Step 1. Enter the homepage of the official website of the 11th BJIFF,, and click "Market Channel"
  Step 2. Click "Project Submission" in the new interface.
  Step 3. Read the page "General Principles of the 11th Beijing International Film Festival Beijing Film Market Project Pitches" carefully, check the statement at the bottom of the page, and click "Next"
  Step 4. Register your account
  * Note: The accounts of market attendees/exhibitors can not be used as the account of the Project Pitches (project owners that have applied for Project Pitches can log in directly on this page).
  5. Enter the project submission page after registration/login, fill in the project information as required, and submit your project to complete the registration.
  * Note: The content of the project that has been registered and submitted can not be modified. If you need to modify, please contact the consultation email and register a new account, and register the project again through the system. In addition, the project name (En) refers to the English name of the project.
  For more details, please visit the official website of the BJIFF Http://
  Application channel of the Project Pitches of the 11th BJIFF:
  Continue to follow and join us!
  Beijing Film Market Project Pitches of the BJIFF
  Consultation E-mail: (Project Pitches) (WIP)
  TEL:+86 18500377391 18611377742
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