Off the Stage


Running Time:125min

Producer:Jiang Tianyuan, Zhao Yang, Hao Jingwu

Screenplay:Qiao Liang

Cinematographer:Huang Lian

Editor:Huang Yidan

Sound Designer:Ma Hai

Music:Zhang Zhiliang

Art Designer:Yang Zhiwen

Cast:Yuan Wenkang,He Saifei,Lou Yujian,Tu Ling


Ms. Qi, an erstwhile nationally famous Yue Opera actress, returns to her hometown in the last days of her life after a long absence from her three children. While she seeks reconciliation with her two sons, Autumn and Summer, Ms. Qi involves herself in a new play which stars Summer. Meanwhile, a series of secrets begin to reveal themselves...


Qiao Liang

Director Qiao Liang teaches at the Department of Directing at the Beijing Film Academy as a professor and doctoral supervisor. His major film credits include The Rainy Season (2001), Zhenzhen (2003), Flying (2006), My Own Private Deutschland, Esquire Runway (2008), Ex-Wife (2009), Kee Lung (2014), Puppy Love (2016), Crested Ibis (2017), and Off the Stage (2022). Crested Ibis won the Golden St. George Award at the 39th Moscow International Film Festival. His main TV drama works include Mother Will Marry (2013), Four Ladies (2016), and Good Time (2020). He was a judge for the main competition of the 40th Moscow International Film Festival. He is the author of Director's Chair: The Survival and Development of Foreign Directors in Hollywood (Times Literature and Art Press, 2013).
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