Country/Region:Bolivia, Uruguay,France

Running Time:87min

Producer:Santiago Loayza Grisi

Screenplay:Alejandro Loayza Grisi 

Cinematographer:Barbara Alvarez

Editor:Fernando Epstein

Sound Designer:Federico Moreira

Composer:Cergio Prudencio

Production Company:Alma Films, La Mayor Cine in Co production with Alpha Violet Production 

World Sales: Alpha Violet

Cast: José Calcina,Luisa Quispe,Santos Choque


In the Bolivian highlands, an elderly Quechua couple has been living the same daily routine for years. When an uncommonly long drought threatens their entire way of life, Virginio and Sisa face the dilemma of resisting or being defeated by the passage of time. With the arrival of their grandson Clever, the three of them will face, each in their own way, the environment, the necessity for change, and the meaning of life itself.


Alejandro Loayza Grisi

Alejandro Loayza Grisi (1985) is a Bolivian filmmaker. Begins his artistic career in still photography and then enters the world of cinema through cinematography.As a director of photography he worked in documentary series Planeta Bolivia, and many short films such as Aicha, Dochera and Polvo. Attracted by the stories that can be told through the image in motion, he ventures into script and direction with his first feature film, Utama. 
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