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Brief Introduction to the 7th Beijing International Film Festival


  The 7th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF), hosted by State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People's Republic of China and People's Government of Beijing Municipality, organized by Film Bureau of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People's Republic of China, China Radio International, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, Huairou District People's Government of Beijing Municipality, Beijing TV Station and China Film Studio Co., Ltd., is to be held on April 16-April 23, 2017 in Beijing.

  The 7th BJIFF is composed of over 300 activities, such as Competition Section Tiantan Award, Opening Ceremony, Beijing Film Panorama, Theme Forum, Film Carnival and Closing & Awards Ceremony, and other related activities like Forward Future Section, Documentary Section, Classical Peking Opera Film Section, Online Film Section, Film Concert, Film Salon and Industry Conversations and New Film Release.

  A Highland for International Film Elites

  With focus on the combination and application of Chinese and Western culture, BJIFF aims to bring extensive and profound Chinese culture to the filmmakers with different cultural backgrounds. The 7th BJIFF has invited some world-renowned masters in the film of industry, including Artistic Director of Toronto International Film Festival, CEO of Vancouver International Film Festival, President of Motion Picture Association of America, President of Centre National du Cinéma et de L'image Animée (CNC) and President of UniFrance Films.

  The Jury President of Tiantan Award this year is Bille August, a famous Danish director, and other Jury members include Mabel Cheung, a female director of Hong Kong, Paolo Del Brocco, a famous Italian producer, Jiang Wenli, an actress of the Chinese Mainland, Radu Jude, Romanian director, Rob Minkoff, an American director and Jean Reno, a French actor, who will select the top 10 awards with highest credibility and influence in a fair, just, open, scientific and strict manner.

  A Wonder Created with Delicate Originality

  The Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony of the 7th BJIFF, organized by Beijing TV Station (BTV), will be held at the State Production Base of China Film Group in Huairou Film & Television Industry Park on April 16 and April 23, respectively. Domestic and foreign film stars and elites of the film industry will be present at the Red Carpet for the Opening & Closing Ceremony, Opening Ceremony and Closing & Awards Ceremony. The Opening Ceremony covers the guest speeches, introduction of shortlisted films for Tiantan Award and jury debut, interspersed with wonderful performances. The Closing Ceremony will unveil the ten winners of Tiantan Award.

  The 7th BJIFF will hold four “Theme Forums”, namely “Sino-Foreign Film Co-production Forum”, “China Film Distribution Summit”, “International Digital Cinema Technology Forum” and “Summit on the Beauty of Film” and over 60 industry conversations and film salons. Industrial elites at home and abroad will be invited to share and exchanges ideas on new phenomena, trends and technologies.

  A Platform for the Development of Film Industry

  BJIFF Film Market Exhibition provides an all-round exchange and trading platform for domestic and overseas film practitioners. With the increasing brand influence of BJIFF, the Exhibition has established good connections. 255 exhibitors from around the world completed registration for the 7th BJIFF.

  Under the Film Market “Project Pitches” section, 712 projects have been collected, setting a new record. Of all the collected projects, 246 projects are from the young filmmakers at their twenties or thirties in emerging studios, accounting for 34.6% of the total. More than 60% of such projects have been given a certain amount of funds for the development and shooting. In addition, overseas projects collected are mainly from USA, France, Germany, Japan, India, Canada, Malaysia and other countries, and most of them are to be produced with China, which is beneficiary for Chinese young filmmakers to participate in and learn from international exchanges, thereby enhancing the film making competence of China.

  A Fertile Ground for New Filmmakers and Works

  Dedicated to promoting the development of the film culture and industry of China and the world, BJIFF is striving to provide assistance to new filmmakers, works and projects as an incubator. All kinds of activities like filmmaker media conferences, new film release conferences and premieres are organized to offer a promotional platform for new filmmakers and new films; excellent young filmmakers with market potentials are to be discovered, introduced, and supported, excellent works are to be selected for honorary screening, and outstanding directors at home and abroad are to be discovered; Forward Future Section is set up to capture trends of the film industry and encourage production of original works; “MPA Award” is set up with Motion Picture Association of America to support new filmmakers to conduct international exchanges; the awarded project from Project Pitches are to be selected for promotions at the Festival de Cannes; prizes like “Project Pitches Special Award”, “Best Business Potential Award”, “Best Original Screenplay Award” and “Best Creativity Award” are set up to encourage Project Pitches and help new filmmakers. The support for new filmmakers and works is an inspired measure for BJIFF to be a winner in the future as it will inject great vitality to the film industry of Beijing.

  A Grand Event for the Public to Share Film Culture

  As an important cultural event of Beijing, BJIFF highlights its public sharing of culture at the Film Panorama and Film Carnival. With full use of various cinemas and academic institutions in Beijing, the Film Panorama will provide over 1,000 film screenings, so as to enrich the public cultural activities and share the film culture with the public in service to the people and industry.

  The Film Carnival holds various beneficial activities for the mass with innovative themes and rich contents, by setting six areas--Film History Retrospect Zone, Film Technology Experience Area, Film Shooting Experience Zone, Film Theme Market, Film Story Experience Park and Film Theme Park, in a bid to achieve the most extensive participation and effective film promotion.

  Besides the major activities, BJIFF also provides Film Concert and Classical Peking Opera Film Section to demonstrate famous songs to the public, thereby enhancing the public adhesion. With various delicate activities, it is expected to widen film culture coverage and increase public participation.

  Based the consistent features, the 7th BJIFF puts more efforts in outstanding work selection, quality improvement and development acceleration, thus building a quality platform for Chinese and foreign exchanges and cooperation. With a full demonstration of strong vitality of the film industry of China, promotion of the “going out” of Chinese films and manifestation of Beijing’s position as the national cultural center, BJIFF is playing a more important role in promoting Sino-foreign cultural exchanges and construction of “Four Centers” for Beijing.