Time: April 11th-15th

  Guiding Unit: Beijing Association for Science and Technology

  Host: Beijing Children and Youth Science & Technology Center、Beijing Children and Youth Science & Technology Education Association

  Co-organizer: Beijing Science & Technology Center、QC Education Innovation Research Institute

  Brief Introduction:

  Through the exhibition of young people's self-created scientific image works, this event inspires young people to pursue their scientific dreams, improves their scientific competency, helps young people to make contribution to their country scientifically, and shows young people's vitality and cultural self-confidence with Chinese style and Beijing demeanor. This event features the international, scientific and artistic nature. Through various forms of activities, teenagers will get close contact with the cutting-edge science and technology of the film industry, feel the scientific charm and artistic beauty of film and television works, and cultivate their patriotism and national pride.

  The event serves young people who love science and movies all over the world and Li Ming, the famous magician, served as the ambassador.  .At the same time, it will invite well-known domestic scientists, artists, directors, actors to have face-to-face communication with young people, to enable young people to develop a passion for science and art, build their earnest determination, and have a lively, interesting and meaningful "science and art lesson".

  Activity Procedure:

  April 12th: Youth red carpet show, opening ceremony, sci-fi film recommendation ect 

  April 13th: Open exhibition, Scientific Image thematic salon, science image and traditional workshop, etc.

  April 14th: Closing ceremony etc.