Overview of the Youth Science Movie Section of the 10th Beijing International Film Festival & 2nd Beijing International Youth Science Video Exhibition & Screenings
  The event is aimed to showcase teenagers' self-made science videos to enlighten their scientific dreams, improve their scientific quality and support them in serving the country by science, and display teenagers' mental outlook and cultural confidence with the demeanor of China and the capital. Through relevant activities, it will offer teenagers close access to advanced film technologies, make them experience the scientific charm and artistic aesthetics of film & TV works, and foster their patriotism and sense of national pride.
  Liu Jiaqi, Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Wu Zunyou, Chief Epidemiologist of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention; Siqin Gaowa, a renowned actress; and Wu Jing, Ambassador for the 10th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF), director and renowned actor, will be invited to send words and set examples for teenagers to promote the spirit of scientists and artists.
  The event will fully take place online for the first time, and benefit more teenagers loving science and arts in an innovative way. The host will work closely with xinhuanet to open a special section on the website for activities and to-be-screened works. A variety of interesting activities have not only enjoyed great popularity among Beijing's teenagers, but also attracted great attention and active participation from teenagers from Russia, Germany, Czech, Italy, South Korea and Macao.
  August 18: Review • Prospect (warm-up film)
  August 18-21: Scientists' and artists' words for teenagers
  August 22: Online Youth Red Carpet & Hello Youth (welcome film)
  August 23: Forum on International Vision (I)
  August 24: Forum on International Vision (II) & Science, Art, Ideal (feature film)
  August 18-September 18: Screenings (you can view and give thumbs up to works screened on xinhuanet)