Film Marketing Development in the New Era of Consumption
China Film Marketing Summit: Film Marketing Development in the New Era of Consumption
How to define “new” in the new era of consumption? 
Replacement between generations, content upgrade, flexible payment and territorial extension…
What are the features? 
Data push, short video + live streaming, direct link…
How will film marketing change in the new era of consumption? 
All round, stereoscopic, accurate, interactive… 
Let’s see how industry experts interpret
film marketing in the new era of consumption. 
Boosted by the mobile Internet and digital technology, some new features like replacement between generations, content upgrading and territorial extension emerge in domestic consumer market, indicating the advent of “new era of consumption”. Given the new consumption, new era and new technologies of the film industry, film marketing – a bridge between the industry and consumers, also develops some new highlights on all-round display in the manner of accuracy and interaction. While the media convergence spawns new marketing concepts, tactics, positions and models, which expedites the subversion of traditional film marketing ideas and modes, the channels of information acquisition and approaches of film watching are changing, which bring new opportunities and challenges for the marketing in a new ecosphere. Facing the new consumption environment and trends, we need to actively exploit the impacts of current reforms on film marketing and the way to achieve initiative transformation, which is of great significance.
Based on the development of new technologies and the changes of the film production and marketing environment, representatives of film enterprises, film marketing platforms, film creators, marketing experts marketers and film scholars will be invited to the summit to discuss issues such as the development and changes of the film production and marketing environment, the impact of new technologies on ideas, media, channels and means of film marketing, the opportunities and challenges brought by emerging media to film marketing and the future trend of film marketing.
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