Persistence and Innovation – China’s Animation Films Industry Enters a New Era
Animation films such as Nezha: Birth of the Demon Child, Legend of Deification, White Snake, The Legend of Hei, Wishdragon and Boonie Bears are becoming more and more popular among audiences of all ages in the new era.
New consumption trends such as lifestyle toys in mystery box, new domestic goods, jointly-designed cultural and creative products emerge rapidly.
Theme park, IP pop-up shop, cross-boundary art exhibition and other new scenes have been comprehensively upgraded.
How do rich local Chinese cultural elements integrate into the story expression of contemporary animation? How does rapidly evolving production technology help the animation industry realize standard industrial processes? How to construct the consumption and scene of the new era in the long-term operation of the whole industrial chain?
Nowadays, key words such as generation Z, two-dimensional space and new consumption gradually occupy people's mind and life. China’s film industry has also undergone earth-shaking changes with the new technology and new culture promoted by the Internet. China’s animation films industry has also experienced the industrialization road from the early "barbaric" growth to the current development with the era. It embraces the essence of traditional culture, upgrades industrial production standards and provides creativity, so that China’s animation films industry is full of infinite imagination. From IP to content, and from content to new consumption and new scenes, China’s animation film industry will explore an unusual industrial development road.
Relying on the international vision of The Beijing International Film Festival, Sunac Culture Group, organizes the China Animation Film Forum with the theme of “New Era, New Consumption and New Scenes of China's Animation Film Industry” based on its strategy and advantages in the field of animation film. On the one hand, it provides new ideas and new models for China’s animation film industry; on the other hand, it shares the backstory of animation film creation with fans, and looks forward to the development of China’s animation film in the new era.
The Forum combines the development of IP full link from an international perspective and takes the form of "Keynote speeches +Roundtable discussions”. Leading figures, industry elites and senior scholars in the global animation film industry are invited to have in-depth exchanges and discussions on the development status of the animation film industry under new consumption and new scenes, so as to help the internationalization of China’s animation film industry, tell good Chinese stories and carry forward the national spirit.
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