11th BJIFF Wrapped Up with “Beijing Solution” for Prosperity of Chinese Films
On September 29, the nine-day 11th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) was wrapped up. The event was advised by the China Film Administration, hosted by China Media Group and the People's Government of Beijing Municipality, and organized by the Beijing Municipal Film Administration, the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, Beijing Radio & Television Station, the Huairou District People's Government of Beijing Municipality and Beijing Enterprises Group Company Limited.
At the historical point where the two centenary goals converge, the 11th BJIFF, themed "New Opportunity · New Horizon" and featuring online-offline combination, invited the world to the grand film event to share Chinese stories, discuss film development and forge the power of culture, thus delivering a "Beijing Solution" for the prosperity of Chinese films. 
Remarkable Achievements
Impressive Data
"A Train Traveling through the Golden Autumn" took us to the 11th BJIFF, during which the "longest red carpet" of the BJIFF ever became a hit among various online media.
At the splendid Opening and Closing Ceremony of the 11th BJIFF, stars and moguls presented impressive performances, provoking a strong response in the social circle. The senior artists aged over 90 shared their "thoughts", which touched Gong Li and other filmmakers, striking a chord among online viewers.
With the advent of the climax, the 11th BJIFF was warming up. Since the Opening Ceremony, we have recorded a total of 4,219 media outlets and platforms covering the event, over 3.6 million related messages, 30.7 billion people in 34 domestic provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) involved, over 6.1 billion views of the topic #北京国际电影节# (#BJIFF# or #Beijing International Film Festival#), as well as 340 trending searches through various online platforms. The topics #巩俐姜文同台# (#Gong Li and Jiang Wen on the stage#) and #巩俐姜文看自己年轻照片# (#Gong Li and Jiang Wen look at their photos when they were young#) aroused the memories of netizens saying they burst into tears and laughter. CCTV and municipal media reported with great enthusiasm, News Simulcast warmed up the BJIFF twice and Focus Report hailed the 11th BJIFF with a special report entitled Concerted Efforts a Brilliant "BJIFF".
Overseas media platforms in 74 countries contributed a total of 8,882 messages on the 11th BJIFF in 25 languages.
The main poster "Concerted Efforts Made to Create Light" gained great popularity for its profound significance and strong aesthetic sense. Jackson Yee, the young promotion ambassador of the 11th BJIFF, made the official promotional film a blockbuster.
The main visual poster and promotional film were displayed on more than 80,000 advertising screens in more than 20 cities. 2,400 banners were hung on street poles. The promotional film was played in a loop on over 20,000 mobile TV screens in over 10,000 buses on over 600 lines, as well as over 18,000 screens in subway trains, platforms and station halls, far reaching the whole country.
The 11th BJIFF was forwarded in WeChat Moments and won likes globally
The 11th BJIFF invites world-famous filmmakers to share the feast of light and shadow together. The Tiantan Award has reached the international top level in terms of the jury and the shortlisted films, which has established a more comprehensive, high-end and diversified international exchange platform, and greatly expanded the "international circle of friends" of the BJIFF.
The Jury of Tiantan Award praised the quality of the shortlisted films and the competition for the 10 rewards was fierce. Gong Li, President of the Jury, revealed that there were different views and opinions on the shortlisted films during discussions and reviews, but stressed that "art has no borders and artists' opinions on art are much similar".
The two press conferences of the Jury of Tiantan Award offered professional opinions, and every move of the jury has attracted the attention of netizens. The news that the jury took a photo with the media and celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival together was liked by netizens. Zhang Songwen praised the professionalism and courtesy of all the staff of the BJIFF Organizing Committee and expressed his sincere gratitude, which has been reported as a good story.
In spite of the profound impact of COVID-19 on international exchanges and film ecology, as well as its severe challenge, the 11th BJIFF has overcome all hardships, presenting a film festival with broad vision and innovative spirit, which has been followed and covered massively by central media, municipal media and financial media. The media keenly captured the breakthroughs and new look of this year's BJIFF. China.org.cn published an article entitled 11th BJIFF Opens: "3D Upgrade" of Films, Filmmakers and Movie Capital recognizing the "upgrade" of this year's BJIFF.
cnr.cn forwarded an article of Beijing Daily entitled "New Opportunity · New Horizon" for Transformation and Upgrading of BJIFF, which summarized the innovations of this BJIFF in four aspects: It was the first time for the "Beijing Film Panorama" to be held out of Beijing, the first time for the Carnival to present a night session, the first time for the "Beijing Film Market" to present the "Guest of Honor" section, and the first time to set the "BJIFF Release" section. The article pointed out the unique role of the BJIFF in promoting related industries, serving the general public, promoting the consumer economy, spreading sci-tech innovation and carrying forward traditional culture.
Various major events of the BJIFF have been forwarded in WeChat Moments, foreign media also increased coverage, and the number of international likes and overseas influence surged. Key western media outlets like Reuters, zaobao and New York Post covered this year's BJIFF. Foreign media spoke highly of this Year's BJIFF, and Russian media were optimistic about the Chinese film market and suggested Russian filmmakers take an active part in Chinese film exhibitions.
The 11th BJIFF invited foreign big vloggers in China for the first time to experience the red carpet scene of the festival, watch movies in Beijing's cinemas, visit State Production Base of China Film Group and China National Film Museum, and share the film feast through live streaming and video recording.
Beijing Film Panorama, a carnival for all
The well-planned Beijing Film Panorama of the 11th BJIFF presented over 1,200 screenings of nearly 300 Chinese and foreign films in 31 cinemas in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. The films, which are both entertaining and academic, were sold out in nine seconds, showing the great charm and importance of the BJIFF. The box office of the films screened during this year's BJIFF is higher than that in the previous years, which is a great stimulus to the films to be screened during upcoming National Day.
Beijing Radio & Television Station opened up the 11th BJIFF-TV Screenings to enable Chinese audiences to enjoy the best films in the world on TV and make "Living Room Theaters" accessible to numberless families beyond the limitation of space. The 19 overseas films for this year's TV Screenings from different countries, in multiple styles and of multiple genres cater to audiences of all ages, including classics like The Gold Rush and Modern Times by the comedy master Chaplin, as well as new films created by foreign directors in recent years such as Our Last Tango and Helena.
iQIYI Online BJIFF presented nearly 100 excellent domestic and foreign films. It teamed up with Beijing Radio & Television Station to serve film fans in diversified forms of dissemination. Online BJIFF and TV+BJIFF enabled audiences to break restrictions to watch the world's best films, freely listen to film masters' speeches, observe industrially leading forums and experience the charm of films. The Opening Ceremony of iQIYI Online BJIFF registered over 1 million views at its peak, the Weibo topic #云上北影节# (#Online BJIFF#) recorded nearly 90 million views and the multi-channel dissemination covered 33 million users.
Contract Signing of the Beijing Film Market hits a new high as a "magnet” in the industry
On September 25, the Signing Ceremony of the 11th BJIFF-Beijing Film Market was held. 39 enterprises signed 44 key projects, with a record total amount of 35.223 billion yuan, up approximately 6 percent year on year.
Based on the development of the film industry, the Beijing Film Market has facilitated the signing of 346 key projects upon negotiation over the past 11 years, with a total transaction volume of 200.251 billion yuan. Under the theme of "display, promotion, exchange and transaction", it has created three platforms: "Film Factor Transaction Platform", "Project Pitches Transaction Platform" and "Film Copyright Transaction Platform" to attract outstanding projects to participate and numerous business entities to sign cooperative agreements, thus forming strong joint force and influence in the industry.
Based on the six sections, the Beijing Film Market has fully leveraged the leading role of the BJIFF as a cultural platform to "share the screen and shape the future" with global filmmakers.
The Online Beijing Film Market brought together 223 exhibitors, 33 pitching projects owners, as well as 18 films for Market Screenings and their presenters from countries and regions like Ireland, Greece, Thailand and Indonesia. The average daily clicks and daily maximum clicks of the official website were 1.8 million nearly 3 million respectively. The section has become an online cooperation platform for filmmakers beyond time and space.
This year's Project Pitches attracted a total of 839 entries. The BJIFF TALENTS was added for the first time this year and director Leste Chen served as the supervisor. When talking with the young and energetic filmmakers, he said sincerely, "It's the real significance of BJIFF TALENTS to plant a seed of new life for films…As time goes by, with the talents of these young directors and the concerted efforts of members of the film festival team, the seed will eventually grow into a big tree." The "Industry Conversations" and "Events & Activities" sections fully leveraged their role as the benchmark for the film industry.
Workshop & Masterclass, Summit and "Film+" bring advanced concepts to the Film industry
Five masterclasses and five theme forums were delivered during the 11th BJIFF. They explored the prospect of the film industry from a professional perspective, highlighting the state and pattern of the BJIFF. The media hailed the BJIFF as a film defender.
Gong Li, Jury President of "Tiantan Award", gave a speech entitled "Cinema and Us". Lou Ye, Zhang Songwen and Mark Chao were invited to act as "assistants" to discuss performance. The Masterclass was full of witty remarks and highlights, attracting great attention from domestic and foreign media. Gong was interviewed by a dozen media outlets including People's Daily, CCTV's One on One and Beijing Satellite TV.
The opening forum, with the theme "Splendor of a Century – Thematic Film Forum on the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China" summed up the experience and outcomes of Chinese filmmakers over the century so as to continue pushing forward China's film industry.
Besides, "China Film Investment and Financing Summit" and "China Film Marketing Summit", two new "BJIFF Release" events this year, focused on the hot spots of film development in the new era, released works and research reports of high academic value and great realistic influence to demonstrate the leadership and authority of the BJIFF.
The Film Carnival in Huairou District lighted up the night economy in Beijing, explored a new model of "film + technology + tourism" and fully demonstrated the charm of Huairou as the "film town”. The BJIFF also set up the derivative products section to make the BJIFF a tangible film & television event.
The Film+ during the 11th BJIFF integrated new contents and new ways into film art to expand the dimension of creation, and broke boundaries of images through crossover integration events, so as to create new hotspots for film culture consumption.
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and we have embarked upon a new journey to build a modern socialist country in an all-round way. Beijing shoulders the glorious mission of building a film & television highland as the national cultural center, and is making great efforts to build a platform for the exchange and mutual learning of civilizations as an international exchange center. The BJIFF, born on this fertile cultural land, will inherit the unique culture of the capital, write its unique legends of as the "City of Summer and Winter Olympic Games", demonstrate the brilliant Chinese culture to the world, tell the inspiring stories of China, arouse the creativity of Chinese films and make persistent efforts to build the cultural label of Beijing – "watch the world's best movies in Beijing"!
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