Winners of Honorary Award Categories for 13th BJIFF—Forward Future that Young Filmmakers Around World Vie for Announced
The 13th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF)—Forward Future Honorary Award Ceremony & A.R.T. Night of Dream came to an end at Langyuan Station, Beijing on April 27, 2023, with the announcement of the winners of honorary award categories for the Forward Future section. Ma Hong, Deputy Chief Editor of Beijing Radio & Television Station (BRTV), and Yu Jianhong, Vice President of Beijing Film Academy, were present and addressed the attendees, along with participation from the members of the international jury of the Forward Future section, the cast & crew of the selected films, a number of awards presenters, and guests from A.R.T.
  Ma Hong delivers a speech
  Yu Jianhong delivers a speech
  Wu Guanping, Art Director of the Forward Future section, delivers a speech
Launched in 2014, the Forward Future, a section running concurrently to the BJIFF which is now in its 13th year, aims to provide young filmmakers from around the world with a platform for sharing and exchanges—designed to “perceive the world through films and help young people lead the future”, so that their works can receive more attention and support from the industry and beyond. The section has become a great starting point for many filmmakers. Their works have recorded their wonderful and gorgeous early artistic career, and created a new life for film art at the same time, lighting up the road to the “future”.
A.R.T. Furniture, a company of Markor Furniture International, is a promoter of artistic furnishings and a leader of beautiful lifestyle, aiming to bring about passion for life through the art of furnishings. The 13th BJIFF—Forward Future sponsored by A.R.T. Furniture highlighted that, regardless of the film industry or home furnishing brands, great works and products would not be possible without continuous pursuit of art and excellence in craftsmanship, and only by devotion of endless passion and inheritance of classics can we pass on them.
  Scene of the Forward Future Honorary Award Ceremony & A.R.T. Night of Dream
Chinese director Pema Tseden chaired the international jury of the Forward Future at the 13th BJIFF, together with French producer Corinne Bopp, Chinese actress Qi Xi, production designer Li Miao, and Japanese director Koji Fukada sitting on the jury.
  Pema Tseden, jury president of the Forward Future section, delivers a speech
For this year’s Forward Future, the 16 film selections were: A Cup of Coffee and New Shoes on, Alma Viva, Chemical Marriage, Delegation, Growing Apart, La Jauría, Night Falls, Remembering Every Night, Riders, Safe Place, Sayonara, Girls., Summer Diary, The Accident, What Remains, Yangzi’s Confusion, and You & Me and Me.
After careful viewing, discussions and intensive study, the jury reviewed the selected films in the principles of professionalism, authority, and impartiality. At last, seven winners stood out from the above 16 distinctive, shortlisted films to receive the following honors: Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Artistic Contribution, and Jury Special Mention.
These honors are a token of encouragement and appreciation for the outstanding creators and their works, as well as a blessing for the rising filmmakers. We wish them to continue to forge ahead on their own film path, uphold their initial dreams, and run towards a better “future”.
  Group photo at the Forward Future Honorary Award Ceremony & A.R.T. Night of Dream

  Winners List of Forward Future for the 13th BJIFF

  Best Film
  安全领域 克罗地亚
  Pema Tseden and Li Shaohong present the award to the winner
This is an elegant film in its entirety. It explores the serious topic of “life and death” from a unique perspective. The filmmaker neatly and restrainedly transforms his own experience into a moving cinematic language, and portrays realistic characters with a calm mind. With a precise narrative rhythm and engrossing scenes, the director’s debut that tackles the tough problems in a very easy manner gives the audience pause for thought.
  Best Director
  NIGHT FALLS 夜幕将至 中国
  菅浩栋(Haodong Jian)
  Zhang Yibai and Koji Fukada present the award to the winner
Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. With excellent control, young director Haodong Jian unfolds young Beijing drifters’ long journey back to their hometown. The director’s perfect control over narrative, image, and sound, as well as the actors’ fine performances, contributes to the definite, unified style and texture of the film, which is natural and unforced and worth ruminating.
  Best Screenplay
  马塞拉·伊利亚·波尔丁(Marcela Ilha Bordin)
  布鲁诺·卡波尼(Bruno Carboni)
  Chen Yu and Anthony Chen present the award to the winner
The film tells a modern story of different lives intertwined by an “accident” in a real situation full of twists and turns. Screenwriters Marcela Ilha Bordin and Bruno Carboni continue to surprise the audience. In the interplay of conflict and tenderness, they create curiosity in the audience and make the film a strong reflection of contemporary social issues.
  Best Actor
  SAFE PLACE 安全领域 克罗地亚
  尤拉伊·勒罗蒂奇(Juraj Lerotić)
  Nai An and Corinne Bopp present the award to the winner
The film is based on the personal experience of the lead actor Juraj Lerotić who contributes genuine and exquisite performance, successfully portraying a brother who tries to save his loved one but gradually becomes hopeless. His performance continues to engage the audience’s thoughts, from despair to bewilderment, and eventually makes them think about the serious theme of life and death in a mournful but not distressing way.
  Best Actress
  ALMA VIVA 活着的灵魂 法国、葡萄牙
  卢阿·米切尔(Lua Michel)
  Cui Yan and Qi Xi present the award to the winner
Young actress Lua Michel contributes self-possessed and natural performance, shaping a character with a sense of reality and mystery in a novel way, and successfully underpinning the film’s magical realism style. Her performance allows the audience to naturally understand the true meaning of life, death, and departure in the film.
  Best Artistic Contribution
  化学婚姻 格鲁吉亚
  Quan Rongzhe and Li Miao present the award to the winner
The film’s director, Nino Basilia, deals with family and gender issues in a kind manner, and does not begrudge self-challenge. The bold mixing of color with black and white, the sharp turn of the audio-visual atmosphere, and the cross-use of different artistic expressions and forms highlight the experimental and pioneering spirit of the film, leaving the audience with unexpected surprises.
  Jury Special Mention
  想起所有夜晚 日本
  Zhang Songwen and Bi Gan present the award to the winner
The film gives an account of the life of three women of different ages in a gentle and serene way, with the connection between the characters’ stories that seems to be absent. It comes with a common prose-like structure and style and a presentation that is plain but a bit absurd, giving a wonderful sense of comfort. Sophisticated in production and ingenious in narrative, it leaves the audience panting for more.
  何处生长 中国
  Bi Gan and Zhang Songwen present the award to the winner
The film tells a traditional story of family and intergenerational relationships in a suspenseful manner. The way that the film is handled like a genre film allows the mystery to be uncovered little by little, and the excellent performances of the actors that contribute to a sense of urgency of the film make fascinating viewing.
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