Initiating the Trend of Social Drama, Asghar Farhadi Joins the BJIFF Masterclass!
The BJIFF Organizing Committee this year is honored to invite Iranian film master Asghar Farhadi to make in-depth excavation on the theme of "Secret and Answer: Foundation of Farhati’s Realism”. He will share his own creative experience and insights in the past years based on social dramas and melodramas. 
Asghar Farhadi, born in Isfahan, Iran in 1972, graduated from Tarbiat Modares University. He is an Iranian director, screenwriter and producer.
Asghar Farhadi
In 2003, Asghar Farhadi directed his first romantic film Dancing in the Dust. In 2006, he directed the suspense film Fireworks Wednesday, with which he won the Gold Hugo Award at the 42nd Chicago International Film Festival. In 2009, he won the Silver Bear Award for Best Director at the 59th Berlin International Film Festival with his feature film About Elly. In 2012, he directed the feature film Nader and Simin, a Separation, which won the 84th Academy Awards  for Best Foreign Language Film. In 2016, the thriller he directed The Salesman won the Academy Awards  for Best Foreign Language Film for the second time. In addition, Farhadi also conducts film creation in Europe: in 2013, the family ethics film The Past shot in France was nominated for the Best Director Award at the 39th César Awards, France. In 2018, the film Everybody Knows he directed in Spain was screened.

Stage Photo of Nader and Simin, a Separation


In 2021, his new work A Hero was released with positive comments. His works deeply observe Iranian society, melt the issues such as marriage, religion and social class into one furnace, analyze various aspects of the society, so he is called the scalpel of Iranian society and the pioneer of social melodrama. In his masterclass, Asghar Farhadi will have an in-depth conversation with Wang Yao, a lecturer and film scholar at the Beijing Film Academy, through network connection. 


Wang Yao, a lecturer in Beijing Film Academy. He is also a member of FIPRESCI and NETPAC, also works as curator and program consultant of film festivals in China and other countries, including the BJIFF, Hainan Island IFF, etc. He was juror for various international film festivals in Cottbus, Vladivostok, Bucheon, Transylvania, Belgrade, etc.


Based on the successful experience of “Online BJIFF” last year, the BJIFF this year will continuously take innovative measures, integrate tradition with modernity, upgrade the digital means such as online connections, virtual booths and online film screening, as well as remote transactions, live broadcast and interaction, connect the film institutions and film festivals at home and abroad to provide a brand-new online immersive participation experience for the guests, media and fans, create the “Beijing SolutIon“ for the BJIFF exhibition to meet the cultural needs of the masses in China and enhance the influence of global communication in the world. 


Asghar Farhadi Masterclass

Theme: Secret and Answer: Foundation of Farhadi’s Realism

Time: 10:40PM, September 27, broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV

10:00AM, September 25, broadcast on platforms such as,, iQIYI, etc.

Panalist: Wang Yao

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