Caring about Stories, Caring about People – the Original Intention and Mission of Arthouse Films
The new decade of the Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) is about to open. As a main forum during the BJIFF, this year's Arthouse Film Forum will take place in Beijing on September 27, 2021 under the theme of "Caring about Stories, Caring about People--the Original Intention and Mission of Arthouse Films".
Under the theme of arthouse film development, the forum will discuss the original intention and mission of arthouse films in a new development context. New-generation filmmakers are rising rapidly in the arthouse film field to inject new, great vitality into the arthouse film market. A variety of arthouse films are becoming a new force in the film market, beating with the pulse of the times. 
"The 2021 Release of Nationwide Alliance of Arthouse Cinemas (NAAC)" at the forum will review the development and operation of NAAC over the past five years since its founding, and recommend the excellent Chinese and foreign films to be screened by NAAC. The next month will see the 5th anniversary of NAAC's founding. Through the BJIFF, NAAC will make a summary of content provision, platform building, channel operation, audience cultivation and market development.
The forum will focus on several excellent Chinese and foreign films to be screened by NAAC, including Beyond the Skies nominated for the 11th BJIFF-Tiantan Award, as well as a few award-winning works in screening events in Central and Eastern European countries like Father. Central and Eastern European directors were invited to record a video to share their creative ideas and introduce films in their countries to Chinese audiences. 
Arthouse Film Forum is a gathering of arthouse film makers. Director Rao Xiaozhi, screenwriter Zhang Ji and director Liu Zhihai were invited to deliver keynote speeches entitled "Realism and Dramatic Expression", "How to Tell Chinese Stories in a Typed Way" and "Chinese Poetic Film Aesthetics" at his year's forum. Outstanding creators and experienced industry experts were also invited to discuss film creation, production, distribution, screening and promotion under the theme of "Refinement-Mass Decentralization Promotes the High-quality Development of Films".
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