The 11th BJIFF Red Carpet Kicked Off in a Grand Fashion, with Several Film Heavyweight Film Crews Appeared
Although it is getting cold in mid-autumn, fans’ passion remains high. The Red Carpet ceremony of the 11th Beijing International Film Festival was held on September 20 in the eagerness of countless fans, with many stars appeared. The BJIFF is unique in that it combines suburban railway "Huairou-Miyun Line" to create exclusive film carriages to highlight filmmakers' deep feelings towards family and motherland and let them to feel the charm of films while enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way. 25 filmmakers from 7 crews have been invited to take the train to China Movie Capital to talk about their film experience together. James Wang, Yang Feng, Vision Wei, Yu Haoming, Sun Qian and Chen Duling have brought their new works to the festival, and told stories behind the screen together.
All previous BJIFF red carpets have always been the focus of media and fans' attention, and this year’s red carpet ceremony can also be called unique. On the red carpet, Yu Junsheng, Deputy Director of the Publicity Department of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and President of Beijing Radio & Television Station, and Wang Jiequn, Deputy Director of the Publicity Department of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, Director of the Beijing Municipal Film Administration , and Vice Chairwoman & Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee of the 11th BJIFF warmly welcomed the filmmakers, showing lofty respect to them. More than 200 red carpet guests, and creators and actors from about 30 outstanding films have appeared on the red carpet together, adding a beautiful scenery to this film festival. Meanwhile, the red carpet has been broadcast live on, CGTN,, and iQIYI, giving fans the opportunity to watch the ceremony live and witness the grace of filmmakers.
Gong Li, the Jury President of Tiantan Award, and Chen Kun, Leste Chen, Wuershan and Zhang Songwen, members of the jury, appeared first and kicked off the 11th BJIFF red carpet ceremony.
The crew of The Battle at Lake Changjin, the opening film of this year's BJIFF, appeared on the red carpet, including presenter and chief producer Yu Dong, general producer and screenwriter Huang Jianxin, producers and directors Chen Kaige, Tsui Hark and Dante Lam, producers Jiang Defu, Chen Hong and Candy Leung, and actors Wu Jing, Zhu Yawen, Li Chen, Han Dongjun, Zhang Hanyu and Li Mincheng. The film will be released on September 30, 2021 in this year's National Day schedule, with a special screening held in Beijing on the same day of the red carpet ceremony.
Haolin Song, director of Water Boys, appeared on the 11th BJIFF red carpet with actors Feng Xiangkun, Li Xiaoqian, Wang Chuan and Xin Yunlai.
Crew of Crackdown on Criminal Activity appeared on the 11th BJIFF red carpet, including David Lam, Dong Xuan and Cao Weiyu.
Crew of Door Lock with realistic crime theme appeared on the 11th BJIFF red carpet, including director Urkunbek Baishanbai, and actors Bai Baihe, Fan Chengcheng and Wang Zixuan.
Crew of Flash Over appeared on the 11th BJIFF red carpet, including presenter Tu Yanping, producers Zhou Zhan and Lin Xiaoqiang, and actors Tong Liya, Du Jiang, Yu Haoming, Han Dongjun and Wang Ge.
Zhou Dongyu, the promoter of Chinese films for the 9th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF), was back this year, taking to the red carpet along with Zhang Ji, director of Fire on the Plain; Shuang Xuetao, the original author; as well as cast Yuan Hong, Mei Ting and Chen Minghao.
Railway Heroes, a feature film based on the real stories of the heroic "Lu’nan Railway Guerrillas" in the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, will officially be unveiled at the Red Carpet and released on November 19, 2021. Presenter James Wang and director Yang Feng took to the red carpet along with cast Zhang Hanyu, Vision Wei and Yu Haoming.
15 films were shortlisted for the 11th BJIFF--Competition Section, Tiantan Award. The crews of three Chinese films: All about My Mother, Before Next Spring and Beyond the Skies appeared on the red carpet. 
Zhao Tianyu, director of All about My Mother, took to the red carpet along with cast Xu Fan, Zhang Jingyi, Xu Yajun and Zhang Xinyi. 
Li Gen, director of Before Next Spring, appeared on the red carpet along with cast Qi Xi, Xie Chengze, Niu Chao, Qiu Tian and Chen Yongzhong.
The crew and cast of Beyond the Skies, including Liu Zhihai, Xu Xiaoming, Ding Ju, Zhou Jiali, Mi Xinjun, Chen Weixin, Nie Jinquan and Wei Xiaofei, appeared on the red carpet.
The crew of Hot Soup took to the red carpet along with Chu Yufei, President of Hichant Pictures, as well as cast Chen Duling, Li Meng and Zhao Yanguozhang.
The crews of Spy Wolf Chameleon, Knock Knock, Rebirth of a Hero, Motto of Man, Mist in the Jungle, Legend of Frescoes and Poetry of Kids also appeared on the red carpet.
Peng Yuchang, the promoter of Chinese films for the 11th BJIFF-Beijing Film Panorama; Rong Zishan, the volunteer ambassador to 11th BJIFF; as well as Yu Baimei and Zhao Fang (Gillian Zhao), jury members of the final round of the Project Pitches appeared on the red carpet.
Actress Tong Liya, actors Yu Hewei and Zheng Kai, senior artists Wang Xiaotang and Xie Fang, opening ceremony guests Yang Ying (Angelababy), Yao Chen and Zhu Yilong, as well as Tan Jianci, Zheng Yunlong, Ju Hongchuan and Wang Kai (vocalist) and Zhang Yingxi who will perform at the opening ceremony also appeared on the red carpet.
In recent years, Huairou District known as "the China Movie Capital" has made all-out efforts to build a high-end and advanced film & television culture technology innovation platform. A number of scientists in Huairou were invited to appear at the red carpet to promote the integrated development of film & television with technology in Huairou.
The BJIFF Red Carpet is not only a carnival for fans, but also a gathering of filmmakers. The 11th BJIFF will promote the development of China's film industry through impressive events, and demonstrate China's brilliant achievements in its transition from a large film country into a film power! The 11th BJIFF Opening Ceremony will kick off on September 21. We will make concerted efforts, live up to our passion for films and look forward to the opening of the brilliant, star-studded film event.
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