Award Winners of the BJIFF & ASUS e-Volunteer Social Good Video Project Revealed
  ASUS e-Volunteer Social Good Video Project 
  Winners in 2022 
  Our Actions, China's Future 
  Warm Each and Every Person Like the Sun
In 2022, the ASUS e-Volunteer Social Good Video Project, in collaboration with the Beijing Cultural Development Foundation and Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF), discovered and cultivated young creators, moved faster to empower and inspire young people to create videos for social good and express it through videos! 
  ASUS e-Volunteer Social Good
  Innovative Expression for Mutual Connection
In 2022, about 1,000 young creators from more than 100 colleges and universities including Beijing Film Academy, Communication University of China, Hebei Institute of Communications, Yunnan Arts Institute and Central Academy of Fine Arts joined the ASUS E-Volunteer Action to carry out social good activities from the perspective of youth. They aimed to discover and think about the social good by observing the details of life. 
  While exploring the young creators
  ASUS e-Volunteer joined hands with the BJIFF 
  To hold ASUS e-Volunteer Social Good Video Project Workshop
 Empower youth in the form of famous lectures, time-limited creations and youth exchanges
ASUS e-Volunteers have contributed more than 560 original public welfare short films around the three themes: Technology & Creativity, Warmth & Fulfillment, Dimension, & Breakthrough, affecting a total of more than 93.70 million people!
  ASUS e-Volunteer Social Good Video Project
  List of Winners 

  First Prize 
  Name: After Going Home
  Director: Lin Yuyang 
  School: Beijing Film Academy
This film starts from the incident that the daughter finds her father runs away from home. Two storylines of the father's search for memory and the daughter's looking for father are interwoven with each other to explore the "confused affection" of the runaway old man for his daughter. The loves of father and daughter from two directions collide with each other, which greatly arouses the audience's touch of love and attention to the patients with Alzheimer's disease. 
  Name: Goodbye, Dad 
  Director: Jia Tongyao
  School: Communication University of China
In the past years, mobile games have greatly attracted almost all the children in both cities and villages and occupied a lot of their spare time. In my hometown, many children in villages or towns are short of companionship from their parents. By telling the story about Haohao, a protagonist in the film, it appeals to the public to focus on the left-behind children, pay more attention to this social phenomenon and give more care and warmth to such a group of children.
  Second Prize 
  Name: 13,500 Catties
  Director: Wang Junyi
  School: Beijing Film Academy 
Golden cudgel (a weapon wielded by Monkey King in the novel Journey to the West) in mythology weighs 13,500 catties, but how heavy is the “golden cudgel” carried by his father in real life? By telling the protagonist's father-son relationship and a series of stories, the film arouses the audience's thinking on the concern and love from the relatives.
  Name: Border Town 
  Director: Zhao Zhenyu
  School: Beijing Normal University
The film adopts the structure of VR & traditional images packaged in the form of VR so as to give full play to the narrative of traditional 2D images and the immersion of VR images respectively, so as to deeply experience and understand life with more unique cameras. You will have different feelings once you have "really" become one of them. 
  Name: Some Crazy Film Admirer 
  Director: Li Gaoxiang
  School: Zhejiang Normal University
  Through the description of young creator’s mental and creative process, this film fully expresses that young creators are always full of hopes and their creativity has been more and more brilliant! 
  Third Prize 
  Name: Theft Guide
  Director: Liang Yixiao 
  School: Beijing Film Academy 
This film tells a youthful and evocative story about the campus. When A Chen, the protagonist, accidentally hands in the cellphone sandwiched in his homework, he encounters the warmth in the process of finding the phone along the way… 
  Name: Doomsday Flower
  Director: Zheng Ting
  School: Business School, Yunnan Normal University
  The earth presents beautiful nature. This film is shot in the style of sci-fi and cyberpunk, appealing to audience to protect and respect the environment we live in.
  Name: Cloth in Life 
  Director: Li Mengyuan
  School: Anyang Normal University
Based on the traditional customs of Sanbao Village, the “Top One Dong Minority Village”, the film vividly describes the costumes of the Dong people passed down for thousands of years, as well as the evolution and upgrading in response to the call of the times. It has played a good appealing role in terms of the topics of rural revitalization and concern for national cultural heritage. 
  Name: Guide for Kyo Kusanagi
  Director: He Nianzuo
  School: Beijing Film Academy
This film covers the multiple expressions of 2D space and 3D space. Based on the game The King of Fighters, the film deconstructs and reshapes the domestic violence and the traditional concept of son depending on father; and eliminates contradictions in a game full of 2D space style.
  Public Welfare Force Award 
Su Ye by Huai Ruoyao 
Cotton Core by Wu Xichen
Fabric by Chen Zihan 
Returning Date by Li Bingduo
Light by Liu Lichen
City of One Man by Wang Ruishu 
Land to the Tiller by Wang Peibin
周仪涵 林疆豫《去留之间》
Between Leaving and Staying by Zhou Yihan and Lin Jiangyu
  Excellent Creation Award 
  蔡雯雯 张革 韦咏杰 李艺 王远博 欧慧婷《小厨大爱》
Passion of Chef by Cai Wenwen, Zhang Ge, Wei Yongjie, Li Yi, Wang Yuanbo and Ou Huiting 
白国彪 古勇华 陈俊汝 张革 丁天皓 张钰鑫《盲心》
Blind Heart by Bai Guobiao, Gu Yonghua, Chen Junru, Zhang Ge, Ding Tianhao and Zhang Yuxin 
张笑菡 张革 施乐文 寇炳烁 张雨诺 石恒欣《等等老人》
Wait for the Elderly by Zhang Xiaohan, Zhang Ge, Shi Lewen, Kou Bingshuo, Zhang Yunuo and Shi Hengxin 
吴雨轩 王珊 杨田喜 《酒驾》
Drunk Driving by Wu Yuxuan, Wang Shan and Yang Tianxi
Say "No" to Mistakes by Wang Mei
Ruthless Drunk Driving by Wu Jingyu 
吴昊东 李泉沂 孟睿聪《绿色生活,从慎独做起》
Green Life Starts with Cautiousness and Courtesy by Wu Haodong, Li Quanyi and Meng Ruicong 
Lantern Bearer for Martyr by Wang Jianjian  
Nightmare by Chen Shouyi 
代子亿 陈子晗 梁畅 陈守祎 厉昊洋《五月爱人》
Lover in May by Dai Ziyi, Chen Zihan, Liang Chang, Chen Shouyi and Li Haoyang
  Excellent Team Award
  Top Counterattack Team
  梁艺潇 淮若瑶 赵唯一 林梓超 李丹丹 杨雨晗
Liang Yixiao, Huai Ruoyao, Zhao Weiyi, Lin Zichao, Li Dandan and Yang Yuhan
  ROG Team
  何思琦 贾同尧 贺年祚 李烨昕 付梓航
He Siqi, Jia Tongyao, He Nianzuo, Li Yexin and Fu Zihang
  Best Organization School Award
Beijing Film Academy 
Hebei Institute of Communications
Hebei University 
Northwest Normal University
Anyang Normal University
Kunming University of Science and Technology 
Zhejiang Normal University 
  Excellent Instructor Award
  方刚亮 北京电影学院
Fang Gangliang, Beijing Film Academy
王一寓 北京电影学院
Wang Yiyu, Beijing Film Academy
朱毅诚 北京师范大学
Zhu Yicheng, Beijing Normal University
李莉 西北师范大学
Li Li, Northwest Normal University
朱江 河北大学
Zhu Jiang, Hebei University
陶朋 河北大学
Tao Peng, Hebei University
李頔  昆明城市学院
Li Di, Kunming City College 
崔颖 昆明理工大学
Cui Ying, Kunming University of Science and Technology
李珂馨 河北传媒学院
Li Kexin, Hebei Institute of Communications 
黄钟军 浙江师范大学
Huang Zhongjun, Zhejiang Normal University
徐爽 西南大学
Xu Shuang, Southwest University
张明 安阳师范学院
Zhang Ming, Anyang Normal University
  e-Volunteer Benefits 
  The 2022 winners of ASUS e-Volunteer Social Good Video Project will be awarded the certificates issued by ASUS and the BJIFF 
  In addition, they will also get the qualification for internship at ASUS/full-time internal recommendation and the qualification for ASUS Fantasy & Dream exempt from admission exam. 
  The First, Second and Third Prize winners will receive a gift box of ROG x Wandering Earth.